Mustard White Vegetable Seeds


This is our own selection of the traditional 'white' mustard.  It produces crisp sprouts with a hint of spicy flavour.Pack size: 2000 seedsWhen to sow: All year roundHarvest: 4 - 7 days after sow..

Myosotis Light Blue Seeds


Easy to grow with light green foliage and delicate sprays of light blue  daisy like flowers with yellow centres.  A beautiful sight in spring.Attractive to bees and other pollinating insects..

Nasturtium Climbing Mix Seeds


A vigorous, quick growing climber with large single flowers on plants that trail down, climb up or spread from side to side.  Good for covering sheds, walls or areas you'd prefer not to see! &nbs..

Nigella Delft Blue Seeds


Delft Blue Nugella produces the most striking blue-grey blooms reminiscent of Dutch 'Delft Blue' pottery.  This beautiful flower is ideal for cutting and arranging when they are fresh or dried an..

Nigella Persian Jewels Seeds


Has all the delights of bedding, drying and cutting use but in an attractive range of colours from pink, purple, lilac, blue and white..Also know as 'Love in the Mist' and loved by flower arrangers.At..

Onion Magnate F1 Vegetable Seeds


One of the deepest red onions we have ever seen and superior in colour and quality than any other red onion! Ideal for storage, producing quality bulbs up to 130gPack size: 250 seedsWhen to sow: Feb -..

Onion Rijnsburger Vegetable Seeds


Rijnsburger is an excellent Dutch variety producing large, uniform globular bulbs.  They produce high yields of quality golden skinned onions with solid white flesh with an excellent storage capa..

Onion Spring Ishikura Vegetable Seeds - AGM


Onion Ishikura is a Japanese bunching type of onion.  It produces long white stalks with short green tops, which can be pulled when they are as thin as a pencil or as thick as a carrot.  It ..

Onion Spring Lilia Vegetable Seeds - AGM


Lilia onions have a beautiful shiny intense red inner core with dark green leaves and make a stunning addition of colour to salads.  This variety has the added benefit of being able to be grown a..

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