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Calamagrostis x acutiflora Karl Foerster (1.5lt)
Anemanthele lessoniana (Stipa Arundinacea) (1lt)
Matthiola incana alba (1lt)

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Paeonia suffruticosa Hanakisoi (3lt)
Paeonia suffruticosa Shimadaijin (3lt)
Paeonia suffruticosa High Noon (3lt)

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Bergenia cordifolia (5lt)
Corylus colurna (70lt)
Potato Charlotte (2.5kg)

NEW Clematis in stock

Large mauve-blue flowers with red centres and overlapping petals produced above mid-green leaves...
The passion flower clematis. Wonderful creamy flowers 3 ins. (8Cm.) across with a central circle ..
Textured purple flowers are splashed with white from July right through to autumn. Height to arou..
New in 2017. Gorgeous bright pink flowers with white centered tepals are produced throughout the ..
Striking purple flowers are produced throughout the Summer months. Good for scrambling through sh..
Strong growing viticella type clematis with pinky mauve edged flowers with white bars in the cent..
Sweetly scented white flowers tinged with pink in Spring. Flowers May to June, Vigorous climber g..
Deep pink flowers at base, with paler tips in April-May. All alpina flowers have pointed petals a..

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