Best Sellers

Calamagrostis x acutiflora Karl Foerster (1.5lt)
Anemanthele lessoniana (Stipa Arundinacea) (1lt)
Verbena bonariensis (1lt)

New Additions

Carpinus betulus (36lt)
Acer rubrum October Glory (17.5lt)
Coreopsis Starlight (Li'l Bang Series) (1lt)

Special Offers

Choisya ternata (5lt)
Choisya ternata Sundance (5lt)
Choisya x dewitteana Aztec Pearl (7.5lt)

Looking Great Right Now

Spectacular huge yellow daisy like flowers from mid summer until October. Grow in any fertile soi..
Dense mound-forming shrub with dull dark-green leaves silvery beneath. Brilliantly intense dark blue..
Bushy shrub to around 90cm high and wide. From July to the end of the summer the bush is covered wit..
New hardy Geranium! Lush two tone palmate green leaves form beautiful compact mounds. Masses of pale..
Clump forming semi evergreen perennial with pale pink veined flowers through summer. Useful groun..
Fountain grass. Flowers appear from late July, like big furry, pinkish to cream caterpillars. Hei..
Pokers of lemon yellow flowers. Height 3ft(90cms). Sunny position but the soil must not be too dr..
Large plentiful heads of cream flowers from caramel coloured buds held on stout bronzed stems fro..
Arching branches of green glossy leaves on this vigorous upright shrub. In ealry summer clusters ..
A form of Dogwood with bright orange-yellow and red stems in winter. Rich yellow autumn colour. H..
Rich blue flowers from July until frosts. Red autumn foliage. Height and spread to around 1m. Wel..
A beautiful and unusual large shrub or small tree with peeling grey/reddy brown bark and clusters..
An upright, bushy, clump-forming, woody-based perennial with pinnate, dark green leaves and semi-..
Black tipped buds open to dusky scarlet flowers over a long period through summer. Bushy growth w..

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