Annual Bee Mixed Seeds


A colourful mixture of easy to grow annual flowers, giving a large range of bee friendly plants over a long flowering season.Hardy Annuals.Heigh 30 - 60cmWhen to sow: Jan - AprPlant: Apr - JunHarvest:..

Antirrhinum Snap Happy Seeds


Antirrhinum is more commonly known as the ever popular Snapdragon. Snap Happy Mixed is a semi-dwarf selection of vibrant colours for containers and  borders. Growing to an approximate height of 3..

Aubergine Pinstripe F1 Vegetable Seeds


Striking striped purple and white fruits, compact branching plants with silver grey foliage, which is spineless in most conditions. Crops over a long period.Pack size: 10 seedsWhen to sow: Jan - AprPl..

Beetroot Barbabietola di Chioggia Vegetable Seeds


An Italian favourite with unusual pink and white rings when the roots are sliced. Has a lovely mild flavour and takes less time to cook when compared to other beetroots.Pack size: 300 seedsWhen to sow..

Beetroot Boldor F1 Vegetable Seeds


A hybrid golden beetroot, better quality and internal colour, superior flavour with better uniformity and seed germination than other golden beets.  Does not bleed when cooked.Pack size: 200 seed..

Beetroot Boltardy Vegetable Seeds - AGM


The most popular choice for early sowing with  good resistance to bolting.  Produces medium size globe shapped roots of superb deep red with no rings.  Good resistance to bolting.Pack s..

Beetroot Detroit 2 Vegetable Seeds


This deep red flesh, marvellous flavour beet is still one of the favourites for main crop sowing.  It is easy to grow and stores well and much more tasty than fresh shop bought beetroot.  It..

Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia Vegetable Seeds


Slightly longer pod and slightly more winter hardiness than Aquadulce.  In all other respects they are the same.  This is a traditional white seeded variety which is a popular choice with ga..

Broccoli Purple Sprouting Claret F1 - Vegetable Seeds


Large vigorous plants producing heavy yields of quality purple spears.  Late maturity in April and May.Pack size: 25 seedsWhen to sow: Apr - MayPlant: JunHarvest: Apr - May..

Broccoli Purple Sprouting Early - Vegetable Seeds


The most popular of the sprouting varieties, very hardy and produces an abundance of dark purple spears in March, which turn green on cooking.Pack size: 750 seedsWhen to sow: Apr - MayPlant: JunHarves..

Brussels Sprouts Brendan F1 - Vegetable Seeds


Late season variety ready Mid-December to January/February.  Long holding ability and performs best on fertile soils, shows good resistance to leaf diseases.  Good length stalks with a good ..

Brussels Sprouts Fillbasket - Vegetable Seeds


A gardener's favourite for many years, producing dark green fairly large sprouts on strong plants cropping well for a reasonable period.Pack size: 500 seedsWhen to sow: Mar - AprPlant: Apr - MayHarves..

Cabbage Greyhound Vegetable Seeds - AGM


A traditional early compact, fast growing pointed cabbage with few outer leaves and good solid hearts.  Excellent flavour and texture.Pack size: 500 seedsWhen to sow: Feb - JulyPlant: Apr - JulHa..

Cabbage Kilaton F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


Club Root resistant, high yielding, autumn/winter cabbage, ballhead variety.  It has a nice green external colour, even after long storage.  Head weight approx 2.5 - 4kgPack size: 30 seedsWh..

Cabbage Red Drumhead Vegetable Seeds


Solid round heads with crisp hearts of purple red colour.  Ideal for pickling and cooking.  Crops from September onwards.Pack size: 500 seedsWhen to sow: Mar - MayPlant: Apr - JunHarvest: Au..

Cabbage Savoy Resolution F1 Vegetable Seeds


Resolution produces mid-green and attractive solid round heads which will mature mid-season with an October to December Harvest.The hardiest of all the cabbage family.  Familiar for their crinkle..

Cabbage Tundra F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


One of the best introductions in years.  Very frost hardy and matures quickly.  Sown May to July and ready in November but holds until April.  Great flavour.Pack size: 125 seedsWhen to ..

Calabrese Ironman F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


The number one, best selling calabrese in the supermarket and perfect for gardeners.  Has quality heads that stand well over a long period with outstanding flavour.  Excellent disease resist..

Calendula Art Shades Seeds


Calendula Art Shades can be sown in autumn for an early spring flush of orange and apricot shades.  This variety grows to a height of 30 - 45cm and is an easy to grow flower for children to have ..

Calendula Oopsy Daisy Seeds


Oopsy Daisy is a wonderful Calendula with single daisy-like flowers with striking lemon bi-coloir petals.  The plant is very compact, making it ideal for patio containers as well as borders.Heigh..

Canterbury Bells Cup and Saucer Mix Seeds


Canterbury Bells produces large bell shaped flowers with the appearance of a cup and saucer in shades of pink, blue and white.  The plant will grow to an overall height of approximately 75cm and ..

Carrot Autumn King 2 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


This is a popular main crop producing heavy yields with long thick roots, good colour and flavour.  This variety can be left in the ground in most winters and pulled as required.Pack size: 2000 s..

Carrot Early Nantes 2 Vegetable Seeds


The favourite for successional sowing with blunt ended cylindrical roots and a very small core.  Supberb flavour and beautiful colour, which makes this variety a very popular choice with gardener..

Carrot Eskimo F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


High tolerance to frost and disease.  Will stand well in frosty conditions.  Can be cropped November - January.  Good strong stems for easy harvest.Pack size: 400 seedsWhen to sow: Apr ..

Carrot Flakkee (Flak) Vegetable Seeds


Flakkee is easy to grow and although considered a main crop variety, can be successionally planted to give a continuous crop, producing large, thick roots.  It has a very good colour and flavour...

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