Ammi majus Seeds


A deservedly popular umbel with large lacy white umbel flowers through summer. A very effective filler for beds and borders. Hardy annual with a height and spread to around 1m x 20cm (1.8m x 50cm if s..

Annual Bee Mixed Seeds


A colourful mixture of easy to grow annual flowers, giving a large range of bee friendly plants over a long flowering season.Hardy Annuals.Heigh 30 - 60cmWhen to sow: Jan - AprPlant: Apr - JunHarvest:..

Antirrhinum Snap Happy Seeds


Antirrhinum is more commonly known as the ever popular Snapdragon. Snap Happy Mixed is a semi-dwarf selection of vibrant colours for containers and  borders. Growing to an approximate height of 3..

Aquilegia KcKanas Giant Seeds


McKanas Giant produces long spurred blooms in a multitude of colour and combinations.  The flowers have the most delicate and unusual looking appearance reaching an approximate height of 75cm.Per..

Aubergine Long Purple Vegetable Seeds


Traditional Aubergine and one of the most popular in the world. Medium sized, deep violet fruits with good flavour and texture, approximately 25cm long,  The aubergine plant is quite bushy with t..

Beetroot Boltardy Vegetable Seeds - AGM


The most popular choice for early sowing with  good resistance to bolting.  Produces medium size globe shapped roots of superb deep red with no rings.  Good resistance to bolting.Pack s..

Beetroot Detroit 2 Vegetable Seeds


This deep red flesh, marvellous flavour beet is still one of the favourites for main crop sowing.  It is easy to grow and stores well and much more tasty than fresh shop bought beetroot.  It..

Beetroot Mixed Vegetable Seeds


Excellent selection of Beetroot to grow which will add loads of colour to any dish. Great range red, white, gold and an unusual pink striped Chioggia.Pack size: 200 seedsWhen to sow: Mar - JulHarvest:..

Beetroot Red Ace F1 Vegetable Seeds


Red Ace F1 is an outstanding performer with great vigour, uniformity and quality in the growth of the roots. Great shaped oval beetroot of the deepest red colour with no inner rings. Hardy Annual. AGM..

Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition Vegetable Seeds


Consistent variety producing heavy yields of long beans with great flavour. White seeded early main.Bean plants are nitrogen fixers, so a essential part of a good crop rotation.Pack size: 50 seedsWhen..

Broad Bean Masterpiece Green Longpod Vegetable Seeds


Outstanding green beans and heavy crops which are good for freezing. If picked young can also be eaten like mangetout.Bean plants are nitrogen fixers, so a essential part of a good crop rotation.Pack ..

Broccoli Purple Sprouting Early - Vegetable Seeds


The most popular of the sprouting varieties, very hardy and produces an abundance of dark purple spears in March, which turn green on cooking.Pack size: 750 seedsWhen to sow: Apr - MayPlant: JunHarves..

Brussel sprouts Brodie F1 (Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera) Vegetable Seeds


Excellent F1 variety and top performer for taste, disease resistance and growth. Brodie holds its shape and buttons well. Sprouts have mild, sweet and peppery taste. Height and spread 75cm x 50cm. Bie..

Brussels Sprouts Brendan F1 - Vegetable Seeds


Late season variety ready Mid-December to January/February.  Long holding ability and performs best on fertile soils, shows good resistance to leaf diseases.  Good length stalks with a good ..

Cabbage Caraflex F1 (Brassica oleracea) Vegetable Seeds


An improved Hispi type great for sowing early in the season and harvesting later in the year. Fast growers with pointed heads, slightly larger than other varieties . Plant 30cm between plants and 45cm..

Cabbage Chinese Yuki F1 (Brassica rapa pekinensis) Vegetable Seeds


Barrel-shaped with short internal stem and slightly savoury outer leaves. Medium sized heavy head, quick to mature and well branched. Cooked in Wok dishes and the main ingredient for Kimchi. Prepare g..

Cabbage Golden Acre Primo 2 (Brassica oleracea) Vegetable Seeds


Tradition and very popular variety of cabbage, brilliant quality and flavour.  Heavy, solid heads with compact habit can be sown closely together. Can be eaten raw in salads and coleslaw or is de..

Cabbage Red Drumhead Vegetable Seeds


Solid round heads with crisp hearts of purple red colour.  Ideal for pickling and cooking.  Crops from September onwards.Pack size: 500 seedsWhen to sow: Mar - MayPlant: Apr - JunHarvest: Au..

Cabbage Savoy Resolution F1 Vegetable Seeds


Resolution produces mid-green and attractive solid round heads which will mature mid-season with an October to December Harvest.The hardiest of all the cabbage family.  Familiar for their crinkle..

Cabbage Spring Wintergreen (Brassica oleracea) Vegetable Seeds


Great selection for winter hardiness, resisting bolt, tip-burn and frost. Produces heavy yields leafy spring greens with a loose pointed heart. Alternatively sow early for winter use. Best grown in su..

Cabbage Wheelers Imperial (Brassica oleracea) Vegetable Seeds


Wheelers Imperial are compact plants with dark green leafy heads which can be harvested from mid-April onwards. Alternatively can be sown in spring to harvest in autumn in the same year.This variety p..

Calabrese Ironman F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


The number one, best selling calabrese in the supermarket and perfect for gardeners.  Has quality heads that stand well over a long period with outstanding flavour.  Excellent disease resist..

Calendula Art Shades Seeds


Calendula Art Shades can be sown in autumn for an early spring flush of orange and apricot shades.  This variety grows to a height of 30 - 45cm and is an easy to grow flower for children to have ..

Calendula Oopsy Daisy Seeds


Oopsy Daisy is a wonderful Calendula with single daisy-like flowers with striking lemon bi-coloir petals.  The plant is very compact, making it ideal for patio containers as well as borders.Heigh..

Carrot Autumn King 2 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


This is a popular main crop producing heavy yields with long thick roots, good colour and flavour.  This variety can be left in the ground in most winters and pulled as required.Pack size: 2000 s..

Carrot Chantenay Red cored (Daucus carota) Vegetable Seeds


A first class carrot producing short, thick, good quality, flavoursome carrots over a long period. Exceptional sweet flavour when grown as a baby carrot. Also suitable for containers. Very high in vit..

Carrot Early Nantes 2 Vegetable Seeds


The favourite for successional sowing with blunt ended cylindrical roots and a very small core.  Supberb flavour and beautiful colour, which makes this variety a very popular choice with gardener..

Carrot Eskimo F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


High tolerance to frost and disease.  Will stand well in frosty conditions.  Can be cropped November - January.  Good strong stems for easy harvest.Pack size: 400 seedsWhen to sow: Apr ..

Carrot Flyaway F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


The first variety to have tolerance to Carrot Fly as it is far less attractive to the egg laying varieties.  Broad shouldered, stump ended roots with smooth skin and excellent colour.  Nante..

Carrot Mixed Vegetable Seeds


A mixture of purple, orange and yellow carrots to add colour to salads or cooked meals.  Mis contains varieties Rainbow (40%), Red Samurai (30%) and Purple Haze (30%)Pack size: 500 seedsWhen to s..

Cauliflower All The Year Round Vegetable Seeds


Good old standby, highly reliable variety.  Cauliflower, not being one of the easiest of vegetable to grow is certainly regarded by many old hands as the test of a real gardener!  But with g..

Cauliflower Snow March F1 (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) Vegetable Seeds


Snow March F1 is a medium to late maturing variety ready for harvest about 25-26 weeks after planting out.  Produces deep green leaves and great dome shape heads with good resistance to fros..

Celeriac Asterix F1 (Apium graveolens var. rapaceum) Vegetable Seeds


F1 vigor, disease and bolting resistance and great flavour. Asterix produces high yields large round bulbs which can be easily stored. Versatile vegetable but excellent in mashed potatoes! Prepare gro..

Climbing French Bean Cobra Vegetable Seeds


The gardeners choice, Cobra are black seeded for early production.  The pods produced are about 7mm in diameter, long and straight and can be harvested over a long period.They are the best French..

Coriandrum sativum leisure (Coriander) Herb Seeds


An essential herb for every herb garden. Leaves can be used as a garnish and for cooking curries, salads, Mediterranean dishes etc and the seeds are good for cooking/baking too. White flow..

Cornflower Double Blue Seeds


Cornflower is one of the easiest flowers to grow and the masses if colourful flower heads produced are simply stunning.  Also known as Bachelor's Buttons, they were traditionally worn by horse ri..

Cornflower Double Mixed Seeds


Cornflower is one of the easiest flowers to grow and the masses of colourful flower heads produced are simply stunning.  Also known as Bachelor's Buttons, they were traditionally worn by horse ri..

Cosmos Candy Floss Mixed Seeds


Single daisy-like flowers in shades of pink, red and white, all with small yellow centres. A mix of compact varieties ideal for containers and borders in need of extra summer colour.Blooms all summer ..

Cosmos Capriola Seeds


Large flowers with an extraordinary colour pattern: white with light rosy-red picotee and a dark purple-red centre.  Early flowering with some blooms offering a second row of smaller petals addin..

Cosmos Double Click Rose Bonbon Seeds


Fully double blooms of this Cosmos bipinnatus have rose pink ruffled petals and a yellow eye. With a height of 60-90cm this variety can add some impressive splashes of colour through out the border ri..

Cosmos Purity Seeds


Cosmos Purity is everyones favourite and a garden classic in white.  With its delicate pure white flowers in feathery foliage, this variety really is a must for the back of borders with an approx..

Cosmos Sensation Mixed Seeds


Cosmos Sensation Mixed produces large single daisy-like flowers in shades of pink, red and white, all with small yellow centres. This variety will grow to an approximate height of 90cm making it perfe..

Cosmos Xanthos Seeds


The first yellow flowered cosmos that reliably flowers in the UK.  Bushy, early and very free-flowering with stunning soft yellow blooms with lighter edges adding to its appearance.  Fleuros..

Courgette All Green Bush (Curcubita pepo) Vegetable Seeds


All Green Bush produces high yields of dark green fruits that should be cut when about 8-10cm long. Crops over a long period when harvested regularly. Delicious courgettes that are great in salads, st..

Courgette Atena Polka F1 Vegetable Seeds


Atena Polka F1 is a lovely golden skinned fruit for something a little different on your plate, but without losing the same delicious flavour of green varieties.The courgette is probably the most popu..

Courgette Defender F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


Heavy yielding variety which is resistant ti Cucumber Mosaic Virus.  Deep green fruits are produced all summer long if cropped regularly.  Bush habit.The courgette is probably the most popul..

Courgette Orelia F1 (Curcubita pepo) Vegetable Seeds


Delicious, sweet courgettes of intense golden colour in great yields and almost spineless for easy harvesting. Early to mid season long superb courgettes that are great in salads, stir frys, stuffed, ..

Courgette Zucchini Vegetable Seeds


Very popular variety, Zucchini has a smooth skin of really dark green.  It is slim and cylindrical in shape with excellent internal quality, making it ideal for freezing.The courgette is probably..

Cucumber - Gherkin Partner F1 (Cucumis sativus) Vegetable Seeds


Easy-to-grow self fertile delicious variety will give you lots of early to mid-early fruits, guaranteed! Crops of almost smooth, short, firm-fleshed, tasty fruits that are superb fresh in salads, or p..

Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green F1 (Cucumis sativus) Vegetable Seeds


This variety is a much improved ridge variety with slender, highly digestible and bitter free fruits. Ideal for growing in a greenhouse but can also be grown outside in a sunny sheltered spot.Pack siz..

Cucumber Femspot F1 Vegetable Seeds


An old favourite, Femspot F1 is an early cropping, all female cucumber of superb quality, producing long, bitter free, ribbed cucumbers.  These plants need heat to get the best results and are be..

Cucumber La Diva Vegetable Seeds


La Diva is an all American Selection Winner.  The fruits are extra sweet and non-bitter with a smooth thin skin.Pack size: 25 seedsWhen to sow: Feb - MayPlant: Apr - JunHarvest: Jul - Sept..

Cucumber Mini Munch F1 Vegetable Seeds


Small, mini-sized cucumbers ideal for lunch boxes.  An early all female hybrid or medium vigour with very little side branching.  Bred for protected cropping producing multiple flowers and f..

Cucumber Telegraph Improved (Cucumis sativus) Vegetable Seeds


Smooth skinned fruits with crisp tender flesh. An improved version of a well-loved heritage variety. Ideal for growing in a greenhouse but can also be grown outside in a sunny sheltered spot.Pack size..

Curly Kale Dwarf Green Curled (Brassica oleracea) Vegetable Seeds


Incredibly easy to grow and nutritious vegetable loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. Very frizzy curly, dark green leaves. Best eaten as young leaves that can be harvested for salads ..

Delphinium Magic Fountains Mix Seeds


This dwarf type of Delphinium is highly suited to a more exposed garden.  Magic Fountains is a lovely range of colour combinations and grows to an approximate height of 60cm.Pack size: 50 seedsHa..

Echinacea Purple Coneflower Seeds


Echinacea Purpurea (Purple Coneflower) makes a splendid sight when planted in clumps with large purple red flowers with rusty orange centres.  Tis drought tolerant variety works perfectly in grav..

Erigeron karvinskianus (karvensis profusion) Seeds


Carpeting perennial. White flowers, that fade pink and purple, with yellow centres are produced above grey-green leaves all summer long. Height to 30cm with a spread of up to 50cm. Seeds freely. A gar..

French bean Tendergreen (Phasealus vulgaris) vegetable seeds


This French bean variety produces plenty of distinctively flavoured stringless pods over a very long period if picked regularly. A good source of vitamin A. Dwarf variety.Pack Size: 150 seedsSow: Apri..

Hardy Annuals Early Flowering Mix Seeds


A colourful, ever changing flower mix for interest throughout the seasons.  Starts flowering in as little as 8 weeks from sowing.  Best sown 2nd week of May for a mid-July start, continuing ..

Ipomoea Heavenly Blue Seeds


Vigorous climber for a sheltered spot or conservatory.  Bright green foliage with stunnung sky blue flowers with white eyes. Full sun is essential.  Height between 200 and 300cm.Pack size: 8..

Kale Nero Di Toscana Vegetable Seeds


An Italian type of curly kale sometimes known as Black Russian.  Tight, long and heavily blistered leaves of dark green.Pack size: 175 seedsWhen to sow: May - JunPlant: Jun - JulHarvest: Sept - F..

Kohl Rabi Green Delicacy (Brassica oleracea Gongylodes) Vegetable seeds


Green skin with delicious white flesh and a fine texture. Harvest this vegetable when its the size of a tennis ball. Leaves and stalks are good steamed as a vegetable too. Kohl Rabi is a member of the..

Leaf Beet Perpetual Spinach Vegetable Seeds - AGM


Not a true Spinach but used in exactly the same way.  Does not run to seed in dry conditions and is winter hardy.  Produces a mass of mid-green leaves with thin stems.  Also known as Sp..

Leaf Beet Rainbow Chard Vegetable Seeds


Bring colour to your vegetable garden.  A lovely mixture of various coloured stems and leaves that can be used as baby leaf for salads or delicious cooked when fully grown.Pack size: 125 seedsWhe..

Leek Giant Winter Vegetable Seeds


Giant Winter is an excellent late variety producing heavy thick stems that will stand in the ground for a long time.Not only is the leek a well known tasty winter vegetable, but its root system has th..

Leek Musselburgh Vegetable Seeds


Musselburgh is the most popular variety for its strong growing habit. It is very winter hardy producing thick stems and will be ready from December onwards.Not only is the leek a well known tasty wint..

Lettuce All The Year Round Vegetable Seeds


A very popular variety that can be sown from early spring t late summer, producing first class quality heads of good flavour.Lettuce is one of the staple ingredients in a crispy, fresh summer salad, s..

Lettuce Arctic King (Lactuca sativa) Vegetable seeds


Hardy butterhead type of lettuce. Arctic King is ideal for growing outside during the winter. It produces compact bright green heads ready in spring from autumn sowing. Start cropping a few weeks earl..

Lettuce Little Gem Cos Vegetable Seeds - AGM


One of the earliest varieties to mature, crisp and sweet producing small compact plants. A gardeners favourite.Lettuce is one of the staple ingredients in a crispy, fresh summer salad, so what could b..

Lettuce Mixed Leaves Vegetable Seeds


A mixture of Butterhead, Cos, Cris and loose leaf types to give you a spread of varieties and textures in one row.  Ultimately saving you space making it ideal for a patio.Lettuce is one of the s..

Lettuce Red Salad Bowl Vegetable Seeds - AGM


Red Salad Bowl is sometimes referred to as Oak leaf type with large heads made up of a mass of serrated dark red leaves for individual picking.Lettuce is one of the staple ingredients in a crispy, fre..

Lettuce Salad Bowl Vegetable Seeds - AGM


The first of the 'cut and come again' types to arrive in our gardens.  Salad Bowl forms bright green serrated leaves from large heads and gives a different texture to salads.Lettuce is one of the..

Lettuce Webbs Wonderful Vegetable Seeds


Webb's Wonderful is probably the most popular and widely grown of all varieties.  It produces large frilly crisp heads which are slow to run to seed even in hot weather.Lettuce is one of the stap..

Lettuce Winter Density (Lacuca sativa) AGM Vegetable seeds


Superb flavour to this hardy semi-cos type, with large well wrapped heads. Overwinter outside or under cloches for an early spring crop.Sow : August to OctoberHarvest : March to May..

Lupin Russell Hybrids Mix Seeds


An immensely variable colour range, with two shades of a single colour and contrasting bi-colours.  A true cottage garden flower, there is little to rival a mass planting of lupins with their tal..

Marigold French Boy O Boy Mixed Seeds


One of the most popular varieties of Marigold, Boy O Boy is a compact, uniform plant with reliable displays of large bright flowers in orange, gold and mahogany.  Height 15cm.  Dead head reg..

Marrow Long Green Bush 4 Vegetable Seeds


Long Green Bush 4 has all the attributes of Green Trailing but with the bush habit for more limited space.  This variety produces large green fruits with a paler green stripe and is highly produc..

Melon Malaga F1 (Cucumis melo) Vegetable Seeds


Deep orange juicy flesh inside ribbed, rounded skins. Sweet and aromatic. Best grown in full sun in a glasshouse. Pollinate by hand then remove male flowers.Pack size: 20 seedsWhen to sow: Feb - MayHa..

Myosotis Light Blue Seeds


Easy to grow with light green foliage and delicate sprays of light blue  daisy like flowers with yellow centres.  A beautiful sight in spring.Attractive to bees and other pollinating insects..

Nasturtium Climbing Mix Seeds


A vigorous, quick growing climber with large single flowers on plants that trail down, climb up or spread from side to side.  Good for covering sheds, walls or areas you'd prefer not to see! &nbs..

Nasturtium Princess of India Seeds


Dwarf selection of Nasturtium with dark foliage and wonderfully contrasting vibrant red-orange flowers. Perfect for containers and borders. The flowers are also edible and ideal for summer salads.Hard..

Nasturtium Tom Thumb Mixed Seeds


A non-trailing mixture of single flowers in bright colours and as the name suggests the plants are very dwarf.Attractive to bees and other pollinating insects.Half Hardy AnnualPack size: 40 seedsWhen ..

Nigella Delft Blue Seeds


Delft Blue Nugella produces the most striking blue-grey blooms reminiscent of Dutch 'Delft Blue' pottery.  This beautiful flower is ideal for cutting and arranging when they are fresh or dried an..

Ocimum basilicum Classic Italian Basil Herb Seeds


The most popular variety of basil with a strong scent. Used in many Italian dishes such as pasta sauces and salads, especially with tomato. Combines well with garlic. Height and spread 45 x 30cm. H..

Onion Ailsa Criag Vegetable Seeds


Large globe shaped bulbs with a mild flavour and golden straw coloured skin. Good exhibition onion. Plant in rows 30-45cm apart and 45cm between the rows in full sun in a preprepared bed for best resu..

Onion Red Brunswick vegetable seeds


A superb mild flavoured red onion that is easy to grow. Late maturing semi flat medium to large sized dark red onions. Excellent storage. Plant in rows 30cm apart and about 1.5cm deep in full sun in a..

Onion Spring Ishikura Vegetable Seeds - AGM


Onion Ishikura is a Japanese bunching type of onion.  It produces long white stalks with short green tops, which can be pulled when they are as thin as a pencil or as thick as a carrot.  It ..

Onion Spring White Lisbon Winter Hardy Vegetable Seeds


This is a variety that produces the same onion as White Lisbon but has been selected specifically for its winter hardiness making it suitable only for autumn sowing for a spring harvest.The onions tha..

Onion White Lisbon Vegetable Seeds - AGM


The traditional 'spring onion', White Lisbon boasts long white stems with bright green tops which are slow to form a bulb but contain a delicious mild flavour.  This variety is ideal for patios a..

Papaver orientale Brilliant Seeds


The classic oriental poppy with large bright scarlet red flowers with a jet black centre.  A striking 'stand out' plant for any border.Ideal for cottage gardens, wildlife gardens and cut flower g..

Papaver Somniferum Laurens Grape Seeds


A much sort after variety with delightful, single deep purple flowers above glaucus foliage.  It simply oozes sophistication to any border!Ideal for cottage gardens, wildlife gardens and cut flow..

Parsnip Gladiator F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


Slightly larger than a standard type, Gladiator has a ore refined shape of hybrid quality.  The root has smooth white skin and is canker resistant.Parsnip is a particularly British vegetable beca..

Parsnip Tender and True Vegetable Seeds


Tender and True is one of the most popular varieties of parsnip and is very much the gardeners favourite.  It has a very uniform shape with pale coloured skin containing an outstanding flavour, m..

Pea Early Onward (Pisum sativum) vegetable seeds


Earlier in the season than related variety Onward. Compact variety requiring minimal staking. Prolific heavy crops of well-filled blunt-ended pods. Height and spread 65x20cm. If harvested and cooked w..

Pepper Chilli Havana Gold Vegetable Seeds


Abundant crops of rich and thin fleshed, orange coloured chillies; quite mild and complex flavour. Excellent for eating fresh or can be dried to make a tasty chilli powder. Height and spread 60 x 40cm..

Pepper Sweet Beauty Bell F1 Vegetable Seeds


Beauty Bell F1 produces large, thick walled square shaped fruits of dark green turning to brilliant red.  They boast a good flavour and are very prolific.As easy to grow as tomatoes and requiring..

Petroselinum crispum (Curled Parsley) (9cm)


Curled leaved parsley. A popular parsley variety with particularly attractive curled leaves that are great for cooking and or flower arranging. Delicious when used to make sauces, dressings, salads et..

Petroselinum crispum French (Flat Leafed Parsley) herb seeds


French parsley. A popular parsley variety with flat leaves making it easy to chop. Delicious when used to make sauces, dressings, salads etc. Often used to put the finishing touches to many dishes...

Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern Vegetable Seeds


Jack O'Lantern is the perfect size for Halloween lights and is the traditional pumpkin to be used for carving.  The skin is golden orange and the flesh is fine flavoured and deep orange and is a ..

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