Hardy Annuals Early Flowering Mix Seeds

Hardy Annuals Early Flowering Mix Seeds

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A colourful, ever changing flower mix for interest throughout the seasons.  Starts flowering in as little as 8 weeks from sowing.  Best sown 2nd week of May for a mid-July start, continuing throughout summer.

Mix contains: Lobularia maritima, Centaurea cyanus, Collinsia bicolor, Dimorphotheca aurantica, Eschscholzia californica, Gilia trcolor, Gypsophila elegans, Iberis armeria, Iberis umbellata, Linaria marocanna, Linum rubrum, Malcolmia maritima, Nemophila insignis, Papaver rhoeas, Phacelia campanularia, Silene armeria

Hardy Annuals

When to sow: May - Jun

Flowers: Late Jul - Sept

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