Calibrachoa superbells unique Lavender (9cm)


Covered in an abundance of lavender flowers with sunny yellow centres. Height and spread to around 25cm x 40cm. Good trailing variety for hanging baskets and summer displays. ..

Diascia Breezee Plus White (0.8lt)


Wider than it is tall, this charming diascia is smothered in pure white flowers throughout the summer. Great for containers, troughs and front of borders. Can survive outdoors if very well drained ..

Diascia Little Dancer (0.8lt)


Low spreading perennial for a well drained, sheltered site in sun. Smothered in pink flowers through summer. Great for the front of a border, in pots or with summer bedding schemes. Height and spre..

Fuchsia Alice Hoffman (0.8lt)


An upright bush with bronze-green foliage. Small, semi-double flowers with pink tubes and sepals, white petals veined rose-pink...

Fuchsia Madame Cornelissen (0.8lt)


An upright bush with dark green foliage. Semi-double flowers with rich scarlet tubes and sepals, white petals...

Fuchsia Mrs Popple (0.8lt)


Showy crimson and purple flowers hang off arching stems from July until frosts. Height and spread to around 1.1m.  Great for pots or borders in any well drained soil in sun or part shade. ..

Glechoma hederacea 'Variegata' (Nepeta Grannilocks) (1lt)


Nepeta 'Grannilocks'. Trailing or mat forming semi evergreen perennial. Leaves are scalloped, pale green, with white edging. Whorls of tubular, two-lipped, lilac-mauve flowers are borne in summer. ..

Pelargonium fillicifolium (0.8lt)


Scented-leaved Pelargonium. Beautifully divided, narrow fern-like foliage with a balsam scent. Pale mauve flowers. A finer leaved form of Pelargonium denticulatum. ..

Petunia Bordeaux (0.8lt)


Darkest purple(almost black) centres with rich purple veining running through the flowers and almost white edges. Perfect for pots and baskets with a slightly trailing habit and height and spre..

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