Onion Spring White Lisbon Winter Hardy Vegetable Seeds


This is a variety that produces the same onion as White Lisbon but has been selected specifically for its winter hardiness making it suitable only for autumn sowing for a spring harvest.The onions tha..

Onion White Lisbon Vegetable Seeds - AGM


The traditional 'spring onion', White Lisbon boasts long white stems with bright green tops which are slow to form a bulb but contain a delicious mild flavour.  This variety is ideal for patios a..

Papaver Somniferum Laurens Grape Seeds


A much sort after variety with delightful, single deep purple flowers above glaucus foliage.  It simply oozes sophistication to any border!Ideal for cottage gardens, wildlife gardens and cut flow..

Parsnip Gladiator F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


Slightly larger than a standard type, Gladiator has a ore refined shape of hybrid quality.  The root has smooth white skin and is canker resistant.Parsnip is a particularly British vegetable beca..

Parsnip Tender and True Vegetable Seeds


Tender and True is one of the most popular varieties of parsnip and is very much the gardeners favourite.  It has a very uniform shape with pale coloured skin containing an outstanding flavour, m..

Pea Hurst Green Shaft Vegetable Seeds - RHS


Hurst Greenshaft is one of the most popular pea varieties, producing heavy crops of long pointed pods which are produced in pairs containing about 10 peas of wonderful flavour.The plant will grow to a..

Pepper Sweet Beauty Bell F1 Vegetable Seeds


Beauty Bell F1 produces large, thick walled square shaped fruits of dark green turning to brilliant red.  They boast a good flavour and are very prolific.As easy to grow as tomatoes and requiring..

Pepper Sweet Lunch Box Mix Vegetable Seeds


Small snacking peppers in yellow, red and orange, each with a small seed cavity.  Very sweet, making them ideal for eating in a salad or adding to children's lunch boxes to snack upon.Pack size: ..

Pumpkin Dills Atlantic Giant Vegetable Seeds


Dill's Atlantic Giant is probably the largest growing pumpkin you can get reaching over 400kg in weight!  The plant has a trailing habit and the fruits store for a long time (if you have the spac..

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