Lettuce Lobjoits Cos Vegetable Seeds - AGM


A real old favourite, Lobjoits Green is considered to be the best Cos variety with its deep green outer leaves, the colour is retained in the heart.  This variety is very crisp and well flavoured..

Lettuce Lollo Rossa Vegetable Seeds - AGM


Lettuce Lollo Rossa has a delightful deep red tinge over most of the leaves with the added bonus of a distinct texture with their best beautifully curly leaves.  This variety of lettuce is a loos..

Lettuce Mixed Leaves Vegetable Seeds


A mixture of Butterhead, Cos, Cris and loose leaf types to give you a spread of varieties and textures in one row.  Ultimately saving you space making it ideal for a patio.Lettuce is one of the s..

Lettuce Salad Bowl Vegetable Seeds - AGM


The first of the 'cut and come again' types to arrive in our gardens.  Salad Bowl forms bright green serrated leaves from large heads and gives a different texture to salads.Lettuce is one of the..

Lettuce Webbs Wonderful Vegetable Seeds


Webb's Wonderful is probably the most popular and widely grown of all varieties.  It produces large frilly crisp heads which are slow to run to seed even in hot weather.Lettuce is one of the stap..

Lupin Russell Hybrids Mix Seeds


An immensely variable colour range, with two shades of a single colour and contrasting bi-colours.  A true cottage garden flower, there is little to rival a mass planting of lupins with their tal..

Marigold French Boy O Boy Mixed Seeds


One of the most popular varieties of Marigold, Boy O Boy is a compact, uniform plant with reliable displays of large bright flowers in orange, gold and mahogany.  Height 15cm.  Dead head reg..

Marrow Long Green Bush 4 Vegetable Seeds


Long Green Bush 4 has all the attributes of Green Trailing but with the bush habit for more limited space.  This variety produces large green fruits with a paler green stripe and is highly produc..

Melon Emir F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


There is nothing to compare with the sweet fragrance of a crop of melons in a greenhouse.Emir F1 is tolerant to low temperatures with a round oval shape with a greyish-green peel colour which turns or..

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