Carrot Autumn King 2 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


This is a popular main crop producing heavy yields with long thick roots, good colour and flavour.  This variety can be left in the ground in most winters and pulled as required.Pack size: 2000 s..

Carrot Early Nantes 2 Vegetable Seeds


The favourite for successional sowing with blunt ended cylindrical roots and a very small core.  Supberb flavour and beautiful colour, which makes this variety a very popular choice with gardener..

Carrot Eskimo F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


High tolerance to frost and disease.  Will stand well in frosty conditions.  Can be cropped November - January.  Good strong stems for easy harvest.Pack size: 400 seedsWhen to sow: Apr ..

Carrot Flakkee (Flak) Vegetable Seeds


Flakkee is easy to grow and although considered a main crop variety, can be successionally planted to give a continuous crop, producing large, thick roots.  It has a very good colour and flavour...

Carrot Flyaway F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


The first variety to have tolerance to Carrot Fly as it is far less attractive to the egg laying varieties.  Broad shouldered, stump ended roots with smooth skin and excellent colour.  Nante..

Carrot Sugarsnax F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


A very sweet cylindrical type with semi-blunt tips. High in beta-carotene, this variety is suitable for baby carrot production.  Long slender, tender carrots with an excellent mild, sweet flavour..

Carrot Sweet Candle F1 Vegetable Seeds - AGM


Produces an exceptionally tasty and high yielding carrot with uniform cylindrical shaped roots with rounded tips. Rich orange colour with an extra sweet flavour.  Excellent for late summer and id..

Cauliflower All The Year Round Vegetable Seeds


Good old standby, highly reliable variety.  Cauliflower, not being one of the easiest of vegetable to grow is certainly regarded by many old hands as the test of a real gardener!  But with g..

Celery Golden Self Blanching Vegetable Seeds


The stalks of Golden Self Branching are more yellow-green and not such a strong flavour as Giant White but a lot less work.  This variety is ready from about August onwards, and as the name would..

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