Adjustable Jet Spray Gun


Lightweight, yet durable jet spray gun with lockable trigger flow for comfortable use over long periods.Jet sprays from fine mist to a powerful spray..

Brass Hose Connector with Water Stop (1/2")


Brass connectors suitable for use with a garden hose, sprinklers and taps...

Burgon & Ball Hand Hoe


Versatile, stainless steel hand hoe endorsed by the RHS, perfect for weeding.Strong leather cord for easy storage...

Burgon & Ball Mid-handled Hand Trowel


This mid-handled garden trowel offers extra reach, making it easy to garden at the back of borders and raised beds.Polished stainless steel hand trowel, which is highly rust resistant for years of use..

Burgon & Ball Mini Snips


Pocket sized snips perfect for deadheading, collecting herbs and pinching out annuals. 11cm in length with short razor sharp blades. ..

Burgon & Ball Stainless Compost Scoop


Nothing beats this tool for speedy removal of compost from sacks – without spillage. Deeply dished and the perfect size for all but the smallest of pots. Width 8.5cm, overall length 31cm.RHS En..

Burgon & Ball Stainless Round Tined Fork


Round tines offer less resistance to the soil than flat tines and so are excellent for work in heavy or clay soils. Tang (neck) is precision forged to the optimal angle for ergonomic working. ..

Burgon & Ball Wooden Plant Labels


Perfect for remembering what you have planted in your garden; these FSC certified Beechwood labels not only look good but can be reused year after year.   This pack includes labels in..

Bypass Loppers


Draper Bypass Loppers with soft grip for comfortable handling.  The high quality non-stick blades prevent bruising when cutting younger plants.  Gear action giving increased performance for ..

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