Seed tray 1/2 size plastic


23cm x 18cm plastic seed trays.  ..

Suet Treat Feeder


Easy to fill, strong wire feeder perfect for holding suet blocks.Attracts a wide range of garden birds including Great tit, Blue tit, Coal tit, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Robin and Woodpecker...

Suet Treats Triple Pack 900g


High energy treats contaning a blend of tasty and nutritious suet, seeds and flavours.Attracts all your favourite garden birds including members of the Tit family, Finches and Robins.1 x mealworm, 1 x..

Sulphate of Iron (Ericaceous Booster)


Westland Sulphate of Iron is ideal for Ericaceous and acid-loving plants, plus has immediately available Iron for best plant growth.Ready to use granulesStrong root growthRicher, green foliageAcidifie..

The original Seaweed Extract (Plant Growth Stimulant)


A plant growth extract for use in organic growing systems.A pure extract of seaweed in an easy to use liquid formIdeal for flowers, fruit, vegetables, shrubs and trees, in the home, garden, allotment ..

Tube Peanut Feeder


2-point strong mesh tube feeder.Perfect for use with peanuts to attract a large variety of garden birds including Blue tit, Coat tit, Great tit, Woodpecker and Jay..

Tube Seed Feeder


4 point seed feeder perfect for attracting a wide range of garden birds, including blue tits, coal tits, great tits, chaffinches, greenfinches, goldfinches, sparrows and robins...

Westland Growmore


Westland Growmore provides the three major plant nutrients in equal proportions, making it superb general-purpose feed for use all around the garden.  Its balance of nutrients ensures even stimul..

Westland Orchid Feed


Orchid plant feed for strong and healthy growth with a rich leaf colour.- For longer lasting flowers- Concentrated formula- Balanced nutrients- Easy to measure doser200ml..

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