Apsley Obelisk - Large


A stunning obelisk with feature finial, designed to create height and impact in the garden.Breaks down into 2 sections, which bolt easily together, perfect to use with a variety of climbing plants.Hei..

Bird Food - 50 Fat Balls (4Kg)


A blend of tasty suet enriched with essential fats and minerals to create a moist and tasty snack.Attracts all your favourite garden birds including members of the Tit family and Finches...

Bird Food - Half Coconutty Feeder


Half a coconut filled with a nutritious mix of suet and seeds, that can hang from a branch or a bracket...

Bird Food - No More Mess Seed Mix


A high energy, husk free mix of seeds and grains ideal for keeping lawns and feeding areas clean.Made up of naked oaks, flaked wheat, maize frits, sunflower hearts, panicum millet and white dari.2kg b..

Bird Food - Nuts 2.5Kg


Rich in oils, fats and protein and the perfect all year round, high energy food for garden birds.  Loved by Tits, Finches, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers...

Bird Food - Nyjer Nibbles


Nyjer seeds are a perfect specialist feed for finches and smaller birds.  To be used in specialist Nyger Feeders.2kg bag...

Bird Food - Suet Pellets 1.88Kg


Multi Mix Suet Pellets contain insect and mealworm flavour pellets and are packed with premium suet and fats to give much needed energy to your favourite garden birds including members of the Tit fami..

Blood, Fish and Bone 10Kg Tub


Westland  Fish, Blood and Bone is a good natural source of all three of the major nutrients. Nutrients are taken up efficiently due to longer period of release in the soil. Being especially high ..

Boutique Garden Arch - Sage


A wonderfully detailed garden arch with scroll design and intricate finials, finished in a pretty sage green colour.An ideal feature to frame an entrance and create a spectacular garden feature.Height..

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