Potato Cammeo (10 Seed Potatoes)


Maincrop potato with excellent flavour and disease resistance. Red skinned with smooth, creamy yellow flesh perfect for boiling and chips. Ready to harvest in early September. ..

Potato Pink Fir Apple (10 Seed Potatoes)


A heritage variety, Pink Fir Apple fingerling potatoes are long, narrow and famously knobbly. The skin is part pink and part white with a firm flesh. They have a wonderful nutty, earthy flavour and..

Potato Sarpo Mira (10 Seed Poatoes)


Late maincrop potato with excellent flavour and disease resistance. Large pink skinned, floury textured tubers. Pink flowers. Suitable for boiling, baking, roasting and chips ready to harvest in early..

Raddish Cherry Belle (raphanus sativus) (12 pack)


This variety has bright red skin and crisp flesh with a delicious mild flavour. Young leaves are good in salads too. A great variety for growing outdoors...

Salad Rocket Runway (Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa) (12 pack)


Attractive, deeply serrated leaves with a peppery, tangy flavour to them. Ideal to add to salads etc. Fast growing for harvest as baby leaves. A rich source of iron as well as vitamins a & c...

Salicornia europaea (9cm)


Marsh samphire. Delicious as a steamed vegetable especially so with fish dishes. An interesting plant for the windowsill. Commonly found in salt marshes it is best watered with a saline soluitio (1tea..

Tomato Beefsteak (9cm)


Large rounded tomatoes delicious straight from the vine, sliced into steakes and or cooked. One of the largest tomatoes available and deservedly popular. It can be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors in..

Tomato Black Cherry (9cm)


A sweet and juicy variety with attractive dark red flesh.  Fruits contain vitamin A and C along with anti-oxidant lycopene for a boosted immune system. Particular great for homemade salsas. ..

Tomato Gardeners Delight (9cm)


One of the most popular tomatoes of all. Juicy tomatoes and a firm, old time favourite for allotment holders. Uniform, round red fruits ripen mid season, and have an outstanding flavour. A heavy cropp..

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