Mange tout peas (6 pack)


A flat podded mangetout type pea with a sweet taste. Height to 75cm. Steam gently to retain nutrients or eat raw in salads etc. ..

Tomato Ailsa Craig (9cm)


Juicy tomatoes and a firm, old time favourite for allotment holders. Uniform, mid-sized red fruits ripen early in the season, and have an outstanding flavour. A heavy cropper, it can be g..

Tomato Alicante (9cm)


A popular tomato maturing early and produces a heavy crop of medium sized, fleshy fruits with an excellent flavour. Grows well in pots, growbags or in the ground...

Tomato Beefsteak (9cm)


Large rounded tomatoes delicious straight from the vine, sliced into steakes and or cooked. One of the largest tomatoes available and deservedly popular. It can be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors in..

Tomato Moneymaker (9cm)


Reliably produces heavy crops of smooth medium sized fruits with a good flavour. Can be grown in pots, growbags or in the soil in greenhouses or in the garden in a sunny position...

Tomato Shirley f1 (9cm)


Tomato F1 Shirley is an excellent variety for the cold or slightly heated greenhouse. These tomato plants crop very heavily on relatively compact plants, are resistant to virus attack, greenback, leaf..

Tomato Tumbler (9cm)


Ideal for pots and hanging baskets. Tumbler is a bush variety and has small round, juicy fruits with an excellent flavour, perfect for salads...

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