Allium sativum Picardy Wight (Garlic) (9cm)


Delicious generous sized garlic bulbs. Originating from the fields around Picardy and the Somme this garlic is suited to the UK climate. Plant in fertile soil in sun between October and March. Crop..

Allium sativum Solent Wight (Garlic) (9cm)


The original Isle of Wight garlic. Delicious generous sized garlic bulbs with a silvery skin. Suited to UK gardens. Plant between October and April. Plant in fertile soil in sun. Cropping from July..

Cabbage Sweetheart (Brassica oleracea) (12 pack)


This variety produces medium-sized pointed heads with a delicious flavour. Quick to mature. A good source of vitamins a & c. Prepare ground well by digging in organic matter to aid moisture retent..

Nasturtium officinale (9cm)


Watercress. Creeping perennial with rounded green leaves and a well known peppery taste. Height and spread to around 30cm x 20cm. Tiny white flowers May to July. Full sun or partial shade. Hardy. Thri..

Salicornia europaea (9cm)


Marsh samphire. Delicious as a steamed vegetable especially so with fish dishes. An interesting plant for the windowsill. Commonly found in salt marshes it is best watered with a saline soluitio (1tea..

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