Broad Bean Aquadulce (Vicia Faba) Over Wintered (6 pack)


Popular and easy to grow garden vegetable. These are perfect for autumn planting and will produce a good crop of beans the following spring. Prepare ground well by digging in organic matter to aid moi..

Broccoli Purple Sprouting (Brassica oleracea) (12 pack)


Purple sprouting broccoli. Very hardy and reliable. This variety produces slender purple shoots. Recommended for freezing. High in vitamins a & c and a good source of iron. Perpare ground well by ..

Lettuce Butterhead Diana (Lactuca sativa) (6 pack)


Early and quick to mature with a buttery flavour and bright green leaves. Plant in the autumn.  Prepare ground well by digging in plenty of organic matter and plant in rows 25cm apart with 25cm s..

Lettuce little gem (Lactuca sativa) (12 pack)


Early and quick to mature. Little gem produces small compact plants whick are packed with a crisp sweet heat and little outside leaf with a delicious sweet flavour. The crunchy green leaves are a ..

Lettuce Oakleaf Red (Lactuca sativa) (12 pack)


Loose leaf lettuce with deeply lobed, green leaves tinged burgundy. Best harvested in summer as baby leaf but can be grown into a full head. Attractive appearance, delicious complex flavour good for s..

Lettuce Oriental Mix (Lactuca sativa)(12 pack)


Quick and easy to grow baby leaf selection usually ready to cut within a month. Specially selected variety for complementary flavours, perfect for the salad bowl. The leaves are a good source of beta-..

Lettuce Saladin/Iceberg (Lactuca sativa) (12 pack)


Heavy heads of lush green lettuce. Crunchy, crisp, recommended! Good standing ability and reliable. The crunchy green leaves are a good source of beta-carotene and vitamin a. Prepare ground well by di..

Mange tout peas (6 pack)


A flat podded mangetout type pea with a sweet taste. Height to 75cm. Steam gently to retain nutrients or eat raw in salads etc. ..

Tomato Ailsa Craig (9cm)


Juicy tomatoes and a firm, old time favourite for allotment holders. Uniform, mid-sized red fruits ripen early in the season, and have an outstanding flavour. A heavy cropper, it can be g..

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