Allium sativum Solent Wight (Garlic) (9cm)


The original Isle of Wight garlic. Delicious generous sized garlic bulbs with a silvery skin. Suited to UK gardens. Plant between October and April. Plant in fertile soil in sun. Cropping from July..

Asparagus officinalis Connover's Colossal (9cm)


A popular, heavy cropping, reliable variety of Asparagus. Huge succulent spears appear in May and June. Great in a mixed border too, when grown for its tall ferny foliage and bright red berries. Cu..

Beetroot Golden (Beta vulgaris) (12 pack)


A succulent new variety with unusual deep yellow foliage and flesh from juicy globe shaped beets. Highly nutrious and a good source of potassium...

Broccoli Purple Sprouting (Brassica oleracea) (12 pack)


Purple sprouting broccoli. Very hardy and reliable. This variety produces slender purple shoots. Recommended for freezing. High in vitamins a & c and a good source of iron. Perpare ground well by ..

Brussel sprouts Brigitte (Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera) (12 pack)


One of the best mid season varieties available. These vigorous plants bear heavy crops of tasty dark green sprouts. An excellent source of vitamins k & c and are rich in fibre. Perpare ground well..

Courgette Ambassador (9cm)


Probably the most popular courgette of all. Early to mid season long dark green delicious courgettes that are great in salads, stir frys, stuffed, sliced… The list goes on! A must have for the vegetab..

Crambe maritima (3lt)


Sea Kale. Mound forming perennial with blue-green, wavy edged, lush new leaves that are delicious blanched and eaten when young. In early summer thick stems hold impressive heads of white flowers. Hei..

Cucumber Female Femspot (Cucumis Sativus) (9cm)


This variety is earlier to crop than most other cucumbers. You can enjoy the bitter free, ribbed fruits all summer long. Ideal for growing in a greenhouse but can also be grown outside in a sunny shel..

Cucumber Mini Petita (Cucumis Sativus) (9cm)


An easy to grow variety that produces fruit about 20cm long. Great for growing in containers or growbags and an ideal choice for children to test their growing skills...

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