Rosa Gabriel Oak (Auscrowd) (6lt)


A magnificent variety, bearing large, many petalled rosette blooms. They are a striking shade of deep pink, the outer petals of each bloom paling slightly over time. The beauty of the blooms is enhanc..

Rosa Gardeners Glory (6lt)


Repeat flowering climbing rose. Strongly scented double yellow flowers with frilled edges to the petals from June to October. Disease resistant with deep green glossy foliage. Height to around 3m t..

Rosa Gertrude Jekyll (Ausbord) (6lt)


Englilsh Rose. Beautiful old rose formation with greyish green leaves. Rich pink large rosette shaped double flowers with a powerful scent produced from summer to autumn. Growth is tall and vigorou..

Rosa glauca (6lt)


Small bright pink flowers with paler centres formed in clusters above glaucous purple foliage. Bright red hips follow the flowers.  Height and spread to around 1.5m. Makes a lovely hedge or st..

Rosa Golden Beauty (6lt)


Rich double soft orange-yellow flowers have a light sweet scent and contrast well with the dark foliage. A lovely upright and bushy rose which stands out well with it's numerous luminous blooms. Very ..

Rosa Golden Memories (6lt)


Large trusses of mildly fragrant semi-double golden yellow blooms repeat well on this floribunda. Noted for good disease resistance. Compact and upright with a height and spread to around 60cm. Grows ..

Rosa Golden Showers (6lt)


Golden yellow, scented flowers all summer. Up to 10ft (3m). Ideal for any wall, including North...

Rosa Golden Smiles (6lt)


Floribunda rose with bright sunny yellow well formed flowers in clusters. Flowers hold their colour well and don't fade with age and contrast well against the deep green foliage. Height and spread ..

Rosa Golden Wedding (6lt)


Floribunda rose bearing fully double golden yellow flowers above disease resistant shiny mid-green leaves. Height and spread to around 1.5m x 1m. Any fertile and well drained soil inn sun or light ..

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