Vitis vinifera Black Hamburgh (Schiava Grossa) (3lt)


Dessert variety. Large bunches of seeded dark purple fruit and small green flowers. Reliably produces fruit year after year. Good autumn leaf colour. Strong climber for outdoors or conservatory. Heigh..

Vitis vinifera Perlette Seedless (3lt)


This white seedless grape produces good fruits for wine making. It has good disease resistance and its leaves turn an orange-red in autumn...

Vitis vinifera Purpurea (10lt)


Grape Vine. A woody climber. Leaves start green turning to a rich claret red by mid-summer and dark purple in autumn. Produces small unpalatable purple grapes in autumn. A lovely contrast with silv..

Vitis vinifera Spetchley Red (3lt)


Superb cultivar with spectacular red autumn colour to the large vine leaves. Good crops of red grapes too reputed to make tasty wine! A versatile climber for any fertile soil in sun or part shade. Hei..

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