Lilium Casa Blanca (1.5lt)


Large pure white lily flowers with petals that curl back towards the ends and dark red stamens. Fertile but sharply drained soil in full sun. Ideal for pots but equally good in sunny parts of the g..

Lilium Dizzy (1.5lt)


A stunning and beautifully scented lily. Open, oriental white lily flowers with a deep crimson stripe down the centre of each petal that diffuses to pink with crimson flecks. Height to around 1m. A..

Lilium Forever Susan (1.5lt)


Striking Asiatic lily whose open flowers are a rich burgundy red with burnt orange centres and tips to the petals. Height to around 90cm. Wonderful in borders or pots in full sun to light shade. Recom..

Lilium formosanum Pricei (2lt)


Heavily scented white trumpet flowers with purple/red stripes to the backs of the petals in summer. Flowers when young at about 10-15cm and when mature upto 45cm. Well drained soil in sun or pa..

Lilium Pink Perfection Group (1.5lt)


Large trumpet shaped pink/purple lilys with a superb scent. Stout stems can reach 1.8m tall making this an excellent choice for the back of a sunny border. They last well as a cut flower too where ..

Muscari comosum Plumosum (1.5lt)


Narrow green leaves with purple plume-like flowers appearing in spring. Height to around 30cm Unusual and very showy. AKA: 'Feather hyacinth'...

Muscari latifolium (1.5lt)


Grape hyacinth. Award winning variety with darkest blue to almost black lower flowers with a top of bright blue flowers. Spectacular when planted in drifts or pots. Height and spread to around 15cm..

Narcissus Tete-a-tete (1x bulb)


Clusters of up three deep golden-yellow flowers with slightly reflexed petals and deep yellow cups appear in March and April above the narrow, strap-shaped leaves. One of the most popular forms, th..

Nectaroscordum siculum (1lt)


A robust bulbous perennial with keeled basal leaves and pretty pendulous flowerheads of bell-shaped white or cream flowers, flushed purple-pink on stout stems to around 1m. ..

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