Acer rubrum October Glory (35lt)


Glossy foliage turning the most fantastic scarlet in autumn. Slow growing round headed tree that colours beautifully here in Essex on our horrible clay! An absolute show stopper in October as the n..

Acer x freemanii Celebration (13.5lt)


A cross between A. rubrum and A. saccharinum, Celebration was chosen for its shape, soil tolerance and wonderful autmumn colour. Tolerant of most soils, with a mature height and spread to around 15..

Acer x freemanii Morgan (12lt)


Acer x freemanii Morgan, also known as Morgan Freeman Maple, is an outstanding new hybrid of the red and silver maple combining the best of both with excellent, vivid autumn colour. Height and spread ..

Aesculus carnea Briottii (17.5lt)


Long panicles of brick red flowers. Dark green leaves turn golden in the Autumn. Brown fruits (conkers) in the autumn held in spikey green shells.Height to around 10m. ..

Aesculus hippocastanum (13.5lt)


Horse Chestnut'.Forms a large spreading tree with white candle flowers and large shiny brown conkers (seeds) in the autumn Long lived can reach 30m (100ft) over time. ..

Aesculus hippocastanum Baumannii (36lt)


Bears double white candle flowers with yellow marks. Does not set seeds (conkers). Large dark green leaves. Height and spread up to 15m x 10m at maturity. ..

Aesculus indica (15lt)


Yellow green leaves are tinged with bronze when they emerge. Has 35cm (15 inch) long panicles of pink flushed white flowers in June/July (later than other forms of Horse chestnut). Leaves turn pale..

Aesculus indica Sydney Pearce (17.5lt)


Originally collected by Kews assistant curator Sydney Pearce in 1935. Large panicles of white flowers which are marked with yellow and suffused with pink make a lovely display in May-June. Broad heade..

Aesculus pavia Koehnei (35lt)


A charming and very rare dwarf form of chestnut tree. Pretty and very unusual panicles of flowers in May-June that have brick red bracts and pink brushed lime green flowers. Glossy bronze colou..

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