Adiantum aleuticum Imbricatum (1lt)


A beautiful and dwarf form of maidenhair fern. Green deeply cut fronds with black wiry stems. Needs a moist, humus rich soil in partial shade. Forms a dense clump and is good for edging. Protect fr..

Athyrium filix-femina f. rubellum Lady in Red (1.5lt)


Red stemmed Lady Fern. Handsome fern with tall lacy fresh green fronds with bright red stems. An award winning form of the native Lady fern. Grows best in moist soil in dappled shade. Height and sp..

Athyrium filix-femina Victoriae (2lt)


The Queen of Green. Fronds unfurl in spring with the delicate appearance of the lady fern but are crested at the ends of the pinnae and arranged in a criss cross pattern. An attractive form of The Lad..

Athyrium niponicum metalicum (2lt)


A variety of Japanese Painted fern noted for its metallic silvery fronds. Height to 45cms. Any moist humous rich soil shade. ..

Athyrium niponicum Pewter Lace (1.5lt)


A select form of Japanese Painted fern with pewter coloured fronds with lime green edges and red/purple veining. Non invasive with a height and spread to around to 45cms. Any moist humus rich soil ..

Athyrium niponicum pictum Red Beauty (1.5lt)


Beautiful form of the painted fern and a spreading habit reaching a height and spread to around 40cm x 50cm. Silvery green fronds with bright red veins and stems...

Blechnum penna-marina (1lt)


A Beautiful evergreen mat forming fern with simply pinnate, dark green sterile fronds to 15cm in length. Grow in moist well drained soil in part shade/shade. Height 15cm x Spread 40cm ..

Blechnum spicant (0.8lt)


Native fern. Clump forming with neat comb-like fronds of dark green. Needs humus rich, moist, neutral to acid soil to perform at its best. Height and spread to around 40cm.  A lovely evergreen..

Cheilanthes lanosa (2lt)


Hairy lip fern. Graceful grey green fronds to around 20cm tall by 30cm wide. This fern prefers gritty soils, is drought tolerant and very happy in a sunny spot provided the roots can stay cool amon..

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