Abutilon John Thompson (3lt)


Large yellow mallow flowers from midsummer hang from the branches on this magnificent shrub. Compact habit with a height and spread to around 1.5m x 1m.  Needs a sheltered position in sun, or ..

Agave americana Mediopicta Alba (1lt)


An unusual form of Agave with eyecatching rosettes of spikey edges fleshy yet leathery leaves that are glaucous green with a broad cream central stripe. Best in a conservatory in sandy soil. Feed w..

Agave variegata (3lt)


A statement plant for a large conservatory or a very well drained, sheltered, sunny spot outdoors. Rosettes of glaucous, yellow edged, large broad leaves that are sharply toothed with needle like e..

Aloe aristata (0.8lt)


Stemless rosettes of fleshy, succulent leaves that have stripes of white spots. Forms low growing clusters to between 5 and 15cm that has flower spikes to 25cm tall with orange flowers between autumn ..

Aloe vera (1lt)


Toothed, grey green, flecked white fleshy lance shaped leaves. The sap within them has amazing medicinal qualities. Good for sun burn, minor cuts and grazes amongst other things. In spring it can p..

Alpinia galanga (1lt)


Galangal or Blue Ginger. Large lance shaped green leaves are arranged alternately on stiff upright stems that grow to around 2m tall. In summer creamy flowers are borne in terminal clusters.  Pri..

Bougainvillea mixed (3lt)


Ever popular conservatory plants, bougainvilleas flower in a range of colours from white through pinks, purples and orange. Ideal to climb up conservatory walls. Keep above 10c and in good light. R..

Brugmansia sanguinea (1lt)


Red Angels trumpets. Open shrub or tree, leaves green with wavy edges. Tubular flowers are orange-red with yellow veins. Max. Height 3m to 10m. Max. Spread 2m to 3m. Flowers April to September. Full s..

Calendula Power Daisy Sunny (1lt)


A breakthrough for marigold breeding with this vibrant bright yellow calendula. Height and spread to around 40cm x 40cm. Flowers all summer and into the autumn. Strong flowering perfect for borders, b..

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