Aeonium Voodoo (2lt)


Gorgeous evergreen succulent with tight rosettes of shiny purple leaves with lime green centres and large yellow flower trusses in summer. Rosettes reach upto 30cm across. Can be shy to flower. Kee..

Aloe vera (1lt)


Toothed, grey green, flecked white fleshy lance shaped leaves. The sap within them has amazing medicinal qualities. Good for sun burn, minor cuts and grazes amongst other things. In spring it can p..

Asplenium ebenoides (1lt)


Dragon's tail fern. A rare and sought after fern that forms low mounds of triangular fronds to around 20cm tall x 30cm wide. Excellent for shady rock gardens or as a woodland edging plant and a..

Asplenium x lucrosum (1lt)


Mother spleenwort or Hen and Chickens fern. Tufts of feathery evergreen fronds make this a most attractive fern suited as a houseplant, for hanging baskets or a sheltered part shade spot in the..

Begonia chuyunshanensis (2lt)


This begonia looks like it is climbing with upright growths of elongated narrow green leaves. Leaf edges are reddish as are the stems. It sporadically produces pale pink flowers. Best grown in part sh..

Begonia emeiensis (2lt)


Collected by Dan Hinkley on Mt.Emei in Sichuan province. Creeping rhizome with rather rounded, fleshy apple green leaves with toothed margins. Clusters of pink flowers during August & September. O..

Begonia grandis subsp. Evensiana (3lt)


Lush green begonia shaped leaves with red veining beneath. Delicate single pale pink flowers in summer. Prefers part shade in moist but well drained soil. Surprisingly hardy. Mulch well in autu..

Begonia Gryphon (2lt)


An exotic looking mounding evergreen with sycamore shaped leaves on chunky red stems. The large glossy leaves are dark green with a silvery variegation and are orange beneath. This is a foliage plant ..

Begonia sizemoreae (2lt)


An exotic looking mounding evergreen with large hairy leaves attractively coloured dark green and burgundy brown. This is a foliage plant that rarely flowers but is showy enough anyway. Grow in a cons..

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