Chamaecyparis obtusa Fernspray Gold (7.5lt)


A slow-growing tree with an open habit of dense clusters of fern-like golden foliage along its branches. Max Height 1.8m. Max Spread 1.2m. Full sun. Hardy. Back-fill with soil mixed with peat substitu..

Chamaecyparis obtusa Meroke (2lt)


Like an upright creamy yellow form of nana gracilis. A very attractive, slow growing, broad pyramidal conifer with creamy yellow foliage. Height and spread slowly to around 1.5m x 80cm...

Chamaecyparis obtusa Nana Gracilis (5lt)


What wonderful shades of green! Compact, dwarf, dark green shell shaped sprays of foliage, with an uneven conical habit. Ideal for use in a rockery. 10 Year height = 1-2ft (30-60cms). Slow growing ..

Chamaecyparis obtusa Rigid Dwarf (2lt)


A more upright form of nana Gracilis with the same, wonderful dark green shell shaped sprays of foliage. Ideal for use in a rockery.  10 Year height to around 80cm. Slow growing but well worth..

Chamaecyparis pisifera Filifera Nana (7.5lt)


Slow growing compact bush with thread like foliage. Suitable for a rockery or a small border. Slow growing with a 10 year height of 2 to 3ft (60-90cms)...

Cryptomeria japonica (10lt)


Japanese cedar. Grows to a stately conical shaped evergreen trees with soft filigree foliage. Height and spread to 12m x 4m or more. Any reasonable soil that is not boggy. Sun or part shade shelter..

Cryptomeria japonica Elegans Compacta (7.5lt)


A beautiful smaller growing form of the Japanese cedar tree with lovely feathery foliage turning bronze & orange in winter. Any good garden soil in sun or part shade. Height in 10 years to arou..

Cryptomeria japonica Elegans Group (13.5lt)


Japanese cedar tree. Very touchy-feely, filligree foliage, that is a glaucousy green in summer and a lovely bronze in winter. 10 Year height and spread is about 10-15ft (3-4m) x 4-6ft (1-2m). Any d..

Cryptomeria japonica Sekkan-sugi (7lt)


Golden Japanese Cedar. Golden tipped foliage that is at it's most intense on new growth in the spring. Height in 10 years to around 4m with a mature height upto 9m. Any soil in sun or light shade. ..

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