Clematis macropetala Albina Plena (3lt)


Lush apple green leaves with serrated edges are the perfect foil for the delicate double white flowers that appear in profusion from late spring to early summer.  Ideal for any wall as will gr..

Clematis Marie Boisselot (2lt)


Large pure white flowers, with cream centres and over lapping sepals. Height 4m Spread 1-2m. Full sun or part shade. Any well drained fertile soil. Prune to strong buds on last years wood. ..

Clematis montana Freda (3lt)


Bright chery pink flowers are produced above mid-green leaves flushed purple in May and June. Smaller than most montana varieties with a height and spread to around 3m. Ideal for fences, walls ..

Clematis montana grandiflora (3lt)


Masses of pure white flowers with yellow stamens in May/June. 20-30ft (5-10m). Any soil or aspect. Great for growing uop trees or over garages, large walls etc. Prune group1.   ..

Clematis montana rubens (2lt)


A profusion of vanilla scented flowers in May & June. Very vigorous.  Height and spread to around 10m. Perfect for scrambling thriough trees or over fences, walls etc. No pruning needed. P..

Clematis montana rubens Tetrarose (2lt)


A profusion of lilac rose flowers with straw coloured stamens. Bronze foliage. May & June. Smaller than most montanas with a height and spread to around 4m. Ideal for trellis' on walls. Sun or ..

Clematis montana Sunrise (3lt)


Fully double pink flowers are larger than most montanas. Bronze coloured foliage. Ideal for scrambling over pergolas, fences or up trees. Vigorous growth to around 8m. Sun or shade. No pruning ..

Clematis montana wilsonii (2lt)


Creamy white scented flowers in May-June cover this vigorous growing climber that will scramble through trees, over arches, walls or fences. Any neutral to alkaline soil in sun or part shade. Heigh..

Clematis Mrs Cholmondley (2lt)


Large delicate lavender blue flowers with brown stamens from May right through to September. A vigorous clematis that will climb to 10-12ft (3-3.6m). Any soil in sun or shade. Do not plant in strong w..

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