Clematis Napaulensis (2lt)


Rare Clematis Variety. Originating from Nepal/China, this special species will drop all of its leaves and become dormant through the hottest months.In Autumn it will spring into life and begin ..

Clematis Ninon (Evipo052) (2lt)


Very special compact Clematis which bares snow white flowers from May through to October. Does not grow as large as its cousins so is more suitable for containers. Any well drained soil. Full s..

Clematis Nubia (3lt)


One of the Raymond Evison Boulevard series with large red flowers and dark centres. Height to around 1.2m. Great for small spaces, pots and growing up obelisks. Repeat flowering from May to September...

Clematis Prince George (2lt)


Pure white viticella type flowers in profusion from top to bottom from July to September. Height and spread to around 2.5m. Prune hard in late winter to early spring. Ideal for walls, fences or..

Clematis recta purpurea (2lt)


Clematis recta purpurea deserves more exposure in Uk gardens. It is a superb herbaceous form with purple new leaves that grows to between 1 and 2m tall but needs staking to prevent it flopping. Mas..

Clematis Rouge Cardinal (2lt)


Lots of deep velvety red flowers, with creamy white filaments and dark brown anthers, from june to august. Prune hard in early spring. Any deep soil in sun or part shade. Great for adding colour, to ..

Clematis Sarah Elizabeth (3lt)


Launched at Chelsea 2018 Sarah Elizabeth has soft pink glowing flowers with ruffled edges to the petals and red tipped anthers. Only  growing to around 1.2m x 1m and flowering from late sp..

Clematis Star of India (2lt)


Deep purple flowers with a strong pink bar down the centre of each petal. Flowers from late June through the summer. Height and spread to around 3m. Best in part shade as the flowers bleach in ..

Clematis Star River (3lt)


Introduced to the trade in 2009. Very free flowering from late June to September with large, star shape,d mauve flowers. Will grow through shrubs or up a wall/fence to a height of around 1.8m. Any ..

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