Clematis henryi (2lt)


A lovely large white flowered variety with a central boss of coffee coloured anthers. Flowers 6-8(15-20cm) across from late spring. Height 10-12ft(3-3.6m). Prune gently in early spring. Good when p..

Clematis Innocent Glance (3lt)


Double flowers borne on old wood composed of 40-60 elliptic, pointy, pale pink sepals with darker margins which fade as they age.Single flowers on new growth with darker pink margins and pale yellow a..

Clematis Kardynal Wyszynski (3lt)


Large quantities of velvet crimson flowers in early summer with a lesser flush in later summer. Very versatile. Height 3m. Any aspect. Prune gently in early spring...

Clematis Kokonoe (3lt)


Rich purple/blue fully double flowers for months over the summer. Vigorous growth with a height and spread to around 2.5m. Ideal for fences/walls or pergolas in sun or part shade. ..

Clematis Lasurstern (2lt)


Huge blue flowers up to 6ins (15cms) across with wavy ruffled edges to the petals. Puts on a massive display of flowers in june and july and continues flowering until october. Any fertile well drai..

Clematis Little Mermaid (3lt)


Lots of medium sized flowers open a peachy pink and fade purple at the base with a generous amount of yellow anthers. Flowers profusely in May-June and often again in late summer. Prune group 2. Su..

Clematis Louise Rowe (2lt)


Large flowered clematis with pinky mauve double and single flowers in it's first flush in early summer followed by predominantly single flowers later on. ..

Clematis macropetala Jan Lindmark (3lt)


Bell-shaped double pinky-purple flowers are produced spring and early summer, followed by decorative seedheads. Vigorous growth to around 3m. Sun or part shade...

Clematis macropetala Propertius (3lt)


Pretty pink nodding double flowers with white margins, which are paler pink inside with creamy green stamens. Flowers in April and May. Sun or part shade. Height and spread to around 2m. No pruning re..

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