Clematis cirrhosa Wisley Cream (2lt)


Evergreen climber with  glossy dark green leaves which are bronze in winter, and nodding pale cream flowers to 8cm across, in late autumn, winter or early spring. Any soil in sun or light shad..

Clematis Crystal Fountain(Evipo038) (3lt)


Attractive large double lilac/blue with fountain like centre flowers in late spring to early summer and again in early autumn. Compact and free flowering to 6ft...

Clematis Daiyu (2lt)


A very compact climber which produces large, rich cerise flowers over a long period in summmer. Daiyu is part of the Boulevard series and is perfect for container planting and growing up obelisks! ..

Clematis Daniel Daronda (3lt)


Beautiful vibrant darkish blue flowers to 8 (20cm) across through summer. Very effective up an obelisk or being allowed to ramble through silver leafed shrubs like senecio sunshine...

Clematis Dazzle (3lt)


A free flowering clematis which produces lush large purple flowers throughout the summer. Very striking and easy to grow. It can be grown in a pot and can perform well in most aspects. Moist but fr..

Clematis Doctor Ruppel (3lt)


Quantities of large rosy pink flowers with a deep carmine bar and golden stamens in early summer with a lesser flush later. Height 8-10ft(2.5-3m). Any aspect. Prune gently in early spring. ..

Clematis Duchess of Edinburgh (2lt)


A lovely double white variety with delicately pointed petals. Flowers through summer. Height 6-8ft (1.8-2.4m). Any aspect, prune gently in early spring...

Clematis Early Sensation (7lt)


A fern leaved evergreen clematis from New Zealand with beautiful single flowers that open pale green and fade to pure white in spring. Height and spread to around 4m x 2m. Requires a sheltered sunn..

Clematis East River (3lt)


Introduced to the trade in 2009 'East Rivetr' flowers prolifically from late June until the End of August. Large, frilly edged, purple flowers with red streaks to the backs of the petals. Height to..

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