Wisteria floribunda f. rosea Hon-Beni (3lt)


Smothered in racemes of scented pale pink flowers tipped purple. Vigorous twining climber upto 5m tall. Grow in sun or part shade. Best when grown on a south or West facing wall. ..

Wisteria floribunda Ito Koku Riu (7lt)


A recently introduced variety with long, drooping racemes of scented dark blue to violet flowers produced in May/June. Grows well on a South, East or West facing wall in well drained soil. Height 6m S..

Wisteria floribunda Yae-kokuryu (Black Dragon) (7lt)


Clusters of fragrant double  deep purple flowers on this twining climber. Best on a south facing wall or pergola. Height and spread upto 9m x 5m. Fertile and well drained soil sheltered from s..

Wisteria Golden King (7lt)


Elegant panicles of pale blue to lilac scented flowers in April and May. Good golden/yellow autumn foliage colour. Fast growing climber with a height and spread to around 7m. Any fertile soil in sun o..

Wisteria x valderi Eranthema (3lt)


Very floriferous variety of Japanese Wisteria with longs dense racemes of scented lilac blue flowers, with yellow-tinged markings and darker wing and keel petals. Vigorous twining climber up to 8m ..

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