Lonicera crassifolia Little Honey (1.5lt)


Creeping Honeysuckle. Charming low growing, creeping, evergreen honeysuckle. Rounded, dark green leaves turn red/purple in winter. In summer clusters of pretty apricot yellow flowers cover the plant a..

Lonicera elisae (3lt)


A very rare and lovely form of shrubby honeysuckle introduced to the West by Roy Lancaster in 1983. Delicate, tubular cream flowers hang from the branches in late winter. New leaves appear purple and ..

Lonicera henryi Copper Beauty (7lt)


Large, glossy, deep green leaves, coppery red at first make this an unusual and sought after honeysuckle. Red stained yellow flowers in early summer. Remains fully evergreen in mild winters or a sh..

Lonicera japonica Hall's Prolific (3lt)


This form has slightly larger flowers than halliana and is perhaps slightly more prolific. Flowers from July right through to October. Will remain evergreen in a sheltered position. Any soil in sun..

Lonicera japonica Halliana (2lt)


Vigorous twining semi-evergreen climber. Beautifully scented pure white flowers, ages to a deep yellow. Flowers through the summer. Height & spread to around 5m x 4m. Any soil in sun or part sh..

Lonicera japonica repens (2lt)


Fast growing honeysuckle. Sweetly scented pink, purple and yellow flowers produced above dark green leaves with purple flushed shoots. Height and spread to around 5m. Any soil in sun or shade. ..

Lonicera periclymenum Belgica (2lt)


Early dutch honeysuckle. Creamy white flowers turn yellow with age and are flushed reddish purple on the outside. Sweetly scented. Flowers followed by red fruits. Great for growing on fences, over she..

Lonicera periclymenum Serotina (2lt)


Late Dutch Honeysuckle. A twining climber with mid-green leaves and very fragrant creamy white flowers streaked dark purple-red from midsummer. Height and spread to around 5m x 3m. Easy and reliabl..

Lonicera periclymenum Sweet Sue (3lt)


Very scented pale and deep yellow flowers from May to July followed by red fruits. Strong climber. Any soil. Sun or shade. Height and spread to around 5m.   ..

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