Lonicera x brownii Dropmore Scarlet (2lt)


Produces wonderful clusters of orangey red tubular flowers from July through to October. A tall growing climber that will grow on any fertile,well drianed soil in sun or shade. Height 3-4m & Sp..

Lonicera x tellmanniana (2lt)


Terminal clusters of coppery orange flowers in June/July. A lovely climber for part or full shade. Unusual colour. Height and spread to around 5m. Good for scrambling through trees.   ..

Lycianthes rantonettii (7.5lt)


Bright blue flowers from midsummer into autumn. Evergreen and vigorous. Needs a sheltered site away from the harshist of winter winds. May need some winter protection. ..

Mandevilla laxa (2lt)


Scented white flowers in summer. Vigorous twining climber suited to sunny sheltered walls or conservartories. Hardy to around -5c. Height 5m x Spread 3m. Evergreen in a conservatory but generally d..

Marsdenia oreophila (3lt)


Evergreen twining climber with scented waxy white flowers in summer and fleshy deep green leaves that are soft and grey beneath. Needs a sheltered warm wall. Hardy to -5c so long as it is not wet i..

Muehlenbeckia astonii (1lt)


Twisted stemmed shrub. Small greenish white flowers in summer. Height and spread 2.5m x 1-1.5m. Small apple green leaves cover the twisted brown stems making an eyecatching and unusual shrub. Well ..

Muehlenbeckia complexa (1.5lt)


Twining climber. Greenish white flowers followed by white fruit in September, produced above small dark green, oval leaves on black stems. Height and spread 3m x 2m. Looks great grown as free stand..

Parthenocissus henryana (2lt)


Chinese Virginia Creeper. A climber with dark green leaves attractively veined white and sometimes pink in the centre. Turns a rich, bright red in autumn. Any reasonable soil in sun or part shade. ..

Parthenocissus tricuspidata Veitchii (2lt)


Vigorous climber that can grow to around 20m x 10m given the space! Bright green leaves turn dark purple and red in autumn. Good for covering walls, houses in sun or shade. Spectacular when planted i..

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