Acer palmatum Twombleys Red Sentiel (3lt)


A beautiful dense upright form form of Japanese maple with bright red young leaves maturing a red purple and green red before turning fiery reds in the autumn. One of the best for autumn colour and th..

Aesculus parviflora (35lt)


An unusual award winning spreading shrub. White flowers with red anthers in 30cm (12inch) panicles in early summer.  Rich yellow autumn colour.  Try one towards the back of a mixed border..

Aesculus pavia Koehnei (20lt)


A charming and very rare dwarf form of chestnut tree. Pretty and very unusual panicles of flowers in May-June that have brick red bracts and pink brushed lime green flowers. Glossy bronze colou..

Aloysia citrodora (1lt)


Lemon verbena. Narrow, pointed strongly lemon scented foliage. Panicles of small white flowers in summer. Good for cooking chicken and an essential ingredient for Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake! W..

Aloysia triphylla Spilsbury Mint (3lt)


Introduced from Argentina by Compton, d'Arcy, Rix and Pope in 2000. Similar to the well known Lemon verbena in many respects but this variety smells of fresh spearmint and seems to be fully hardy. ..

Andromeda polifolia Blue Ice (2lt)


Selected in the USA for its outstanding powdery blue foliage with lots of bright pink flowers in early spring. Moist acidic soil in sun or shade. Height and spread to around 30cm x 40cm. Excellent ..

Andromeda polifolia Blue Lagoon (2lt)


A dwarf form of our rare native "Bog Rosemary". Upright branches bearing narrow, powder blue evergreen foliage. In late spring to early summer the plants are topped by clusters of delicate soft pink b..

Andromeda polifolia Compacta (2lt)


Clusters of urn shaped, icing sugar, pink flowers in late spring/early summer. This compact form of bog rosemary is a fabulous evergreen shrub suited to moist acidic rockeries in sun or part shade...

Ardisia Houkan (3lt)


Low growing, mound forming evergreen for humus rich soil in shade. Unusual shrub good for brightening up a shady corner with pink tinged white flowers in summer followed by unpalatable red fruits in a..

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