Abelia chinensis Autumn Festival (3lt)


Medium sized shrub with terminal panicles of fragrant white flowers with pink calyxes from mid to late summer. Glossy dark green foliage.  Deciduous. Prefers full sun and shelter from cold winds...

Abelia Edward Goucher (2lt)


A profusion of lightly scented lilac pink flowers from June right through to autumn. Height and spread to around 1.8m x 1.5m. Semi-evergreen. Best in fertile well drained soil sheltered from strong..

Abelia schumannii (5lt)


A profusion of  pink backed white scented flowers from mid to late summer. Height to and spread to around 1.5m. Good soil. Sheltered. Semi-evergreen   ..

Abelia triflora (3lt)


Large shrub with terminal panicles of vanilla scented white flowers from mid to late summer. Glossy green foliage.  Deciduous. Sun or part shade. Tolerant of most soils except boggy.  Prune ..

Abelia x grandiflora (2lt)


White and pink funnel-shaped flowers from midsummer well into autumn. Arching branches of glossy dark green leaves. Semi evergreen. Any soil in full sun. Shelter from cold winds. A beautiful shrub ..

Abelia x grandiflora Francis Mason (3lt)


Scented white, flushed rose flowers from midsummer. Any well drained soil in sun. Deep glossy green leaves with a golden edge. Evergreen. ..

Abelia x grandiflora Hopleys (2lt)


Gold edged green leaves with light pink flowers from midsummer through to Autumn. Good, stable variegation. Height and spread to 1 to 1.5m. Does best in fertile, well drained soil in a sheltered sp..

Abelia x grandiflora Kaleidoscope (2lt)


Bright, gold and green variegated leaves in spring and summer that take on fabulous red and orange hues through the autumn and winter creating a striking kaleidoscope of colour. Pure white tubular ..

Abelia x grandiflora Sparkling Silver (3lt)


Silver and green variegated leaves tinged pink when young and leaf margins turn pinky red in late summer. Semi evergreen. Any soil in sun/part shade. Height and spread to around 0.8m x 1m. Pretty, ..

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