Acaena inermis purpurea (9cm)


An underrated and seldom used groundcover that is ideally suited to rockeries or cracks in walls, patios etc. A low growing carpet forming mat of milky purple foliage to around 3cm tall. In summer ..

Acaena microphylla Kupferteppich (9cm)


A low growing, dense carpet forming evergreen of finely cut copper foliage. In summer it is topped with white globe -like flowers turning into dark cooper spikey burrs.  Prefers well-drained s..

Acanthus hungaricus (3lt)


Clump forming perennial with beautifully cut deep green leaves. Bears racemes of white flowers with purple bracts in midsummer. A useful foliage plant. Any soil, Full sun or part shade. Height 1.5m..

Acanthus Morning's Candle (1.5lt)


A very free flowering form of Bears breeches arisen from a cross between A. mollis and A. hungaricus. Deeply toothed, soft-spined, dark lustrous green leaves up to 3ft (1m) long. Tall spires of..

Acanthus spinosus (1lt)


Bear's breeches. A clump-forming perennial with deeply cut, dark green leaves. Spikes of white flowers with purple bracts produced in summer. Max Height 1-1.6m. Max Spread 1m. Flowers July to Septe..

Acanthus Whitewater (0.8lt)


Similar in leaf to Tasmanian Angel, Whitewater is a fabulous foliage plant too. Flowers are slightly shorter reaching 1.2m and are much whiter in bud and flower with a soft pink flush when full..

Achillea Credo (1lt)


Large leaved vigorous mat forming deciduous perennial . Green leaves with corymbs of pale yellow flowers during summer. Grow in sandy moist or well drained soil in full sun . Height 120cm, spread 6..

Achillea Fanal (1lt)


Bright red flowers from early summer that fade with age. Easy to grow. Dead head after each flush of flowers to encourage more and lift and split clumps when they become old. Any soil in full sun o..

Achillea filipendulina Cloth of Gold (1lt)


Huge plate like heads of golden yellow flowers from June to September. Excellent for drying. Any soil in sun. Dead head after each flush of flowers to encourage more and lift and split clumps when ..

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