Allium caerleum azureum (1 x bulb)


Dense globe of bright blue flower heads in late spring to early summer hold their colour for weeks. Great for bees and other pollinators. Works well in gravel gardens and mixed borders in sun to light..

Allium christophii (6 x bulbs)


Huge heads of silvery lilac stars. Any well drained soil in sun. The soil must be well drained and watch out for slugs! Works well when planted amongst short grasses. Height and spread to around 60..

Allium hollandicum Purple Sensation (1x bulb)


Dense clusters of star-shaped violet-purple flowers from late May through June. Excellent choice to plant in drifts amongst other perennials in a sunny mixed border. Height to around 90cm. Good for..

Allium hookeri Zorami (1lt)


A rare form of chives collected from Mizoram India. Beautiful drumstick white flowers are held on stiff stems to around 45cm tall. Flowers start in late May and plants can still be flowering into D..

Allium moly (60 x bulb 4/5cm)


Golden Garlic. Dense clusters of star-shaped, golden yellow flowers from late spring above grey-green, strap-like foliage. Good for naturalising, quick to establish and will rapidly spread. Height to ..

Allium Pinball Wizard 18/20cm (11 x bulb)


Similar in habit to Globemaster but shorter. Spectacular globe heads of silvery purple.  Excellent foliage which, unlike other alliums, remains good during flowering. The soil must be well dra..

Allium Red Mohican (1 x bulb)


Beloved by bees! Tall deep red, egg shaped flower heads with extra, white tipped tufts on top in Summer. Great for cutting and easy to grow in well drained soil. Height to around 90cm. Un..

Allium sphaerocephalon (30 x bulb)


Beloved by bees! Tall deep red-purple, egg shaped flower heads in July and August. One of the last alliums to flower. Great for cutting and easy to grow in well drained soil. Naturalises well and s..

Allium stipitatum Mount Everest (1 x bulb)


Tall ribbed stems to 90cm hold spherical heads of many star shaped white flowers loved by pollinators in May-June. Perfect for gravel gardens or sunny borders. Try mixing with Allium Globemaste..

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