Oryzopsis milacea (1.5lt)


Hummocks of green grassy foliage with flowing airy heads of seeds that look good through summer and winter. Ideal for gravel gardens in sun. Height and spread to around 90cm by 50cm. Seeds freely. Cut..

Panicum virgatum Heavy Metal (1lt)


Blue switch grass. Very upright habit with vivid glaucous blue foliage. Height to about 4ft (1.2m) when flowering. Sprays of pink tinged flowers in midsummer. Any well drained soil in sun or part s..

Panicum virgatum Northwind (2lt)


Narrow, vertical habit. An excellent choice for adding a vertical accent to the border. Height and spread to Around 1.3m x 30cm. Grey/green blades in vertical clumps that turn yellow/orange in autumn...

Panicum virgatum Shenandoah (1lt)


Upright, clump forming grass. Small purplish-pink flowers are produced above blue-green leaves turn dark red at the tips before turning violet and purple in autumn. ..

Phormium cookianum hookeri Tricolor (3lt)


Upright evergreen perennial that requires some winter protection when young. Leaves are vertically striped, creamy yellow and green with a thin red edge. In hot summers it has tall flower spikes that ..

Phyllostachys aurea (20lt)


Spreading bamboo with a height and spread to 4m+ x 4m+. Bright, mid-green canes with distinct grooves between the nodes.  Narrow, lance shaped green leaves rustle and move gracefully in the wi..

Phyllostachys aureosulcata Auerocaulis (15lt)


Lance shaped leaves with elegant sulphur-yellow canes striped with green. Great as a wind break or for the back of a border. Restrict the roots to curb vigout. Height to 6m+ . ..

Phyllostachys aureosulcata spectabilis (15lt)


Dramatic yellow canes with green stripe. Young canes are often pink to raspberry. Good winter colour. Strong growing, to 20ft(6m). Very hardy, suitable for wind screening. Plant in moist fertile so..

Phyllostachys nigra (15lt)


Black bamboo. New shoots are bright green, then mottled and usually black by the end of the season. Completely black by next year. Height to 30 feet (9m). Plant in moist fertile soil in sun or in l..

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