Luzula sylvatica Marginata (1lt)


Wood green leaves with neat cream margins. Pendant brown and gold spikelets. Height 2-2.5 ft (60-70cms). Retentive soil in sun or light shade. ..

Milium effusum Aureum (1lt)


Bowles golden grass or golden wood millet. Lovely golden foliage especially good in spring. Any moist soil in part shade. Leaves tend to scortch if planted in full sun. Height 60cm, spread 30cm. ..

Miscanthus nepalensis (1.5lt)


Striking, delicate looking airy, coppery-gold flower plumes held high above mounds of soft green foliage from mid-summer right through into the depths of winter. Good for mixed borders especially with..

Miscanthus sacchariflorus (3lt)


Silver banner grass. Very fast growing herbaceous grass. Lovely hedging plant. Any soil in sun or part shade. Spreads by underground rhizomes and can be invasive. ..

Miscanthus sinensis Adagio (1.5lt)


This compact form grows to only 1.5m producing a wonderful profusion of feathery plumes extending above the tops of the narrow foliage in summer, lasting right through to spring. Deer resistant and..

Miscanthus sinensis Cute One (2lt)


One of the more compact forms of miscanthus that forms arching clumps of graceful green foliage with distinctive white midribs. From late summer to autumn it is adorned with beautiful copper-bronze..

Miscanthus sinensis Ferner Osten (1.5lt)


Similar in form to gracillimus but with wider foliage. Deep reddish-pink flowers in sept-oct. Any well drained soil in sun or light shade. Height to 1.5m with a spread to around 50cm. ..

Miscanthus sinensis Gracillimus (1.5lt)


Maiden grass. One of the oldest cultivars commonly used for its fine-textured foliage and gracefully rounded form. Flowers are pink tinged maturing silver/grey in late September and October. Needs ..

Miscanthus sinensis Little Dots (1.5lt)


Upright, clump forming grass. Broad green leaves produced with horizontal yellow stripes. Red-brown flower plumes turn silvery grey in autumn. This is qa shorter form of zebra grass with a height a..

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