Clematis Ernest Markham (3lt)


A really good red flowered variety, very floriferous through summer and into early autumn. Vigorous to 12ft (3.6m). Prune hard in early spring. ..

Clematis florida Pistachio (3lt)


Creamy white to creamy green flowers, pinkish grey anthers from June to September. Height to 7ft (2.2m). Prefers a warm sunny South or East wall sheltered from cold winds. ..

Clematis Hagley Hybrid (3lt)


Deservedly very popular variety. Flowers a delicate shell pink, pointed and crimped in great profusion from early summer. Compact to 8ft(2.4m).best in light shade to prevent colour leaching in sun...

Clematis Hyde Hall (Evipo009) (3lt)


Creamy white flowers with a pinkish green flush, produced in abundance in early summer with a smaller flush in late summer. Height and spread to around 2m. Best in a West, South or East facing aspe..

Clematis Hythe Egret (1lt)


Deeply divided, dark, glossy green leaves on this charming New Zealand evergreen clematis. Dwarf habit forming attractive mounds of evergreen foliage topped in Spring with masses of cup shaped cream f..

Clematis Ice Blue (evipo003) (3lt)


Another cracking little Clematis from the Raymond Evison collection. Masses of huge Ice Blue flowers in May and June with the odd extra flower through the summer. Prune hard at the end of the year...

Clematis Jackmanii (2lt)


A very free flowering variety, flowers single, dark purple/blue in summer. Good in any position. Height and spread to around 3m x 2m. A great choice for low walls, doorframes, arches and obelisks. Pru..

Clematis Josephine (Evijohill) (10lt trellis)


Large flowered clematis with fully double pink flowers. First flush of flowers in early summer with repeats through the season. Full sun or part shade. Any well drained fertile soil. Height 2m Spre..

Clematis Kingfisher (evipo037) (3lt)


Ideal free flowering container plant also suitable for garden culture. Huge dark blue flowers with white stamens. Clematis Kingfisher is perhaps best against a cream or grey background or variegate..

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