Best Sellers

Calamagrostis x acutiflora Karl Foerster (1.5lt)
Anemanthele lessoniana (Stipa Arundinacea) (1lt)
Open weekend tour 10.30am Saturday 14th September 2019

New Additions

Viburnum opulus (40-60cm bare root)
Rosa spinosissima (AKA. pimpinellifolia) (60-80cm bare root)
Cuprocyparis leylandii (3lt)

Special Offers

Lonicera nitida Baggesen's Gold (3lt)
Platanus x hispanica (35lt)
Populus x jackii Aurora (17.5lt)

encourage wildlife and combat climate change by planting a new tree this season . . .

Most attractive medium sized tree with red young leaves becoming green in summer.  Rich yell..
Box elder Maple. A stunning form of variegated Acer negundo, whose leaves open on glaucous stems ..
Long panicles of brick red flowers. Dark green leaves turn golden in the Autumn. Brown fruits (co..
Cut leafed alder. Deeply and finely cut foliage. Can be pollarded to control height and grow more..
Dazzling, peeling white bark with dark green leaves that turn yellow in autumn. Yellow-brown catk..
The Fastigiate Hornbeam. Erect pyramidical habit, narrow when young, broadening in maturity. Any ..
Kentucky Yellowwood. Light green leaves that turn a rich yellow in the autumn. Shy to flower but ..
Purple leaved fastigiate beech. Rich purple leaves cloak this columnar tree. Grows into a majesti..
Purple Weeping Beech. A spectacular large weeping tree with purple leaves. Full sun/partial shade..
Honey Locust. Fern like foliage starting golden yellow in spring and maturing to a limey yellow. ..
Snowdrop tree. Spreading tree with green leaves turning yellow in autumn. White, pendant, 'snowdr..
Fastigiate Golden rain Tree, Star of India. A upright, columnar form with leaves emerging red-pin..
Crape Myrtle. A new form of the well known Crape myrtle bred for leaf colour and hardiness. Deep win..
Thea is a recent introduction from the Netherlands that is similar to Lane Roberts but slight..
Golden Variegated Tulip Tree. Vigorous tree with dark green leaves with yellow edges. Cup shaped ..
Crab Apple. A conical tree with attractive white flowers produced from red buds in late spring fo..
Small, umbrella shaped crab apple tree with arching branches producing pale pink buds that open t..
Spreading tree with semi double pink flowers that open in early spring from dark pink buds. Bronz..
Broad headed tree smothered in soft pink flowers in spring. Oval red leaves maturing to dark purp..
This is a cross between Victoria and Czar producing an abundance of medium sized, rounded, juicy ..
Spreading tree with pink flowers forming in clusters in spring. Bronze leaves when they first ope..
The Great White Cherry. Spreading tree with bowl shaped white flowers forming in spring and young..
Fastigiate form of our native oak ideal for restricted spaces. Makes a lovely accent tree. Uprigh..
Open rounded deciduous tree with spiny branches and pinnate leaves of up to 19 ovate, deep green ..
Weeping pussy willow with dark green leaves, grey underneath on yellowy brown branches. Grey catk..

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