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Best Sellers

Lavandula angustifolia Munstead (9cm)
Anemanthele lessoniana (Stipa Arundinacea) (1lt)
Helenium Moerheim Beauty (1lt)

New Additions

Cyclamen coum Ruby Star (9cm)
Dicksonia antartica Multi Trunk (2ft + 2ft)
Dicksonia antartica Multi Trunk (2ft + 1ft)

Special Offers

Allium Ambassador (1 x bulb 20/24)
Allium Ambassador (1 x xxl bulb 32+)
Allium atropurpureum (1 x bulb)

Popular Shrubs

Silver and green variegated leaves tinged pink when young and leaf margins turn pinky red in late..
Brilliant flame red autumn colour. White flowers in summer followed by deep red berries that turn..
Deep purple, verging on black lobed leaves that turn wonderful scarlets in Autumn before leaf fal..
Beauty berry. Deciduous shrub with bronze young foliage, clusters of pale pink flowers are follow..
Shiny evergreen leaves with clusters of bright blue flowers in May & June. Fertile, well ..
A charming specimen tree, well suited to small and large gardens. Lavender flowers arrive in spring ..
A form of Dogwood with bright orange-yellow and red stems in winter. Rich yellow autumn colour. H..
A beautiful, award winning dwarf form of the well known and much loved smoke bush. Glaucous green..
Fabulous new Daphne resulting from a cross between bholua  and odora. The result is a robust..
Winged Spindle. A dense shrub with dark green leaves turning brilliant red in autumn. Stems have ..
Sweetly scented, rich, golden yellow flowers with claret centre from January to March. Humus rich, n..
A silver variegated version of J.C.Van Tol. Berries well. Any soil in sun or light shade. Suitabl..
Beauty bush. A suckering shrub with arching branches of dark green leaves and masses of bell-shap..
Upright shrub with arching stems and pea-like  pinky purple flowers in late Summer. One of the ..
A rounded shrub with purple-red stems. Copper edged yellow/green young leaves mature to dark gree..
NEW RELEASE FOR 2013! Long, serrated, spine free, leathery, deep green leaves make a beautiful sh..
Handsome sub-shrub. Striking toothed bluey foliage and tubular tawney crimson flowers in summer. ..
Young leaves brilliant pinky/red that mature to a glossy cream & white variegated foliage. Pa..
Wonderful dark red flowers with darker spotting during late May to early June. These can fade to ..
CHRISTMAS BOX. A dense, bushy shrub with glossy dark green foliage. Strongly scented white flower..
Lovely evergreen shrub with shiny mid green leaves are complimented by sweetly scented white flow..
Snowberry. Layers of dark green leaves form a dense shrub. White flowers are followed by spherica..
A beautiful evergreen shrub with dark green leaves. Pink buds open to white flowers in cluste..
American Toothache Tree. Unusual large shrub bearing attractive pinnate foliage. Small yellowish ..

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