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Calamagrostis x acutiflora Karl Foerster (1.5lt)
Anemanthele lessoniana (Stipa Arundinacea) (1lt)
Open weekend tour 10.30am Saturday 14th September 2019

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Ilex aquifolium (9cm)
Sophora molloyi Dragon's Gold (3lt)
Osmanthus delavayi (3lt)

Early border sparkle!

Exquisite flowers in early spring with pale blue standards and white flecked blue falls with ..
Spring flowering. Large white flowers with orange stamens. Hardy bulb suited to any good garden soil..
Blue flowers produced above dark green, divided leaves for a long period through the spring. Crea..
Clusters of up three deep golden-yellow flowers with slightly reflexed petals and deep yellow cup..
Coppery/green leaves edged with pinky/red make a stunning and unusual variegation especially in t..
Now here is a plant to brighten up a winters day! Bred in the UK, Winter Sunshine forms a neat cl..
Snowdrop. Large, delicate white  nodding flowers produced above narrow grey-green leaves. El..
Autumn flowering bulb. Large lavender blue flowers with a yellow flush and orange centres. Height..
Winter Hazel. In late winter - early spring clusters of mildly scented yellow tassel flowers hang..
Very early flowering variety which produces gorgeous single white flowers. Flowering from mid Nov..
Pale blue flowers are produced above silver spotted green leaves. Superb ground cover plant for a..
Flowering Quince, Japanese Quince. A thornless variety with compact bushy growth, rounded dark green..
Variegated winter flowering jasmine. Silver variegated foliage in summer and bare branches covere..
Deep purple flowers in early spring. The falls are edged deep purple with white centres flecked b..
Beautiful pure white double flowers from March to May. Glossy dark green leaves.  Partial sh..
Native primrose. Clusters of pale yellow flowers appear above deeply veined green leaves. Height ..
A dainty and compact  sport of our native primrose with evergreen or semi-evergreen rose..
Early flowering dwarf Iris. Blue flowers with yellow markings in late winter/early spring. Height..

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