Best Sellers

Verbena bonariensis (1lt)
Lavandula angustifolia Munstead (9cm)
Geranium Rozanne (1lt)

New Additions

Cercidiphyllum japonicum (17.5lt)
Rosa Pure Poetry (6lt)
Corylus colurna (12lt)

Seasonal Treats

A hermaphrodite compact form of Skimmia with lanceolate glossy evergreen leaves. Mound forming ha..
Now here is a plant to brighten up a winters day! Bred in the UK, Winter Sunshine forms a neat cl..
Sweetly scented, rich, golden yellow flowers with claret centre from January to March. Humus rich, n..
The same striking crimson winter shoots as a. sibirica but with a bold cream and green variegated le..
Glossy dark evergreen foliage on this low growing mound forming shrub. White flushed pink flowers..
Female form, bearing red berries in winter. Striking golden edged variegated leaves. Slow growing. A..
Similar to Viburnum bodnantense except the flowers are larger and hold their colour longer before fa..
One of the best small trees for winter interest with it's shining mahogany brown bark. Bark natur..

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