Rosa A Shropshire Lad (6lt)


English rose. Flowers perfectly formed cup shaped and light peach pink in colour with a delicious fruity Tea fragrance. A vigorous climber which repeats through the summer.  Height and spread ..

Rosa A Whiter Shade Of Pale (6lt)


Hybrid Tea. Beautiful, blush pink, sweetly scented flowers continuously through summer. Award winning varietry with good disease resistance. Grow in any good garden soil in full sun to light shade...

Rosa Absent Friends (6lt)


Floribunda rose with large peachy apricot flowers that are multi headed and fade to a soft pink. Repeats well throughout the summer provided regular deadheading is carried out. Height and spread to..

Rosa Absolutely Fabulous (6lt)


Rose of the year 2010. Floribunda rose that flowers from June right through to the first frosts. Blooms are strongly scented, primrose yellow with many flowers per stem. Repeats well and has gl..

Rosa Albertine (6lt)


A vigorous rambler rose with glossy, mid-green leaves. Reddish salmon buds open to large coppery pink double flowers in mid-summer. Sweetly scented. One of the most popular, reliable and easy climb..

Rosa American Pillar (6lt)


Vigorous climbing rose. Thorny green stems support reddish pink flowers with white centres produced late spring through summer. ..

Rosa Arthur Bell (6lt)


Popular AGM holding floribunda rose with well formed, fragrant double yellow flowers, that fade to cream as they age. Flowers contrast well against the deep green foliage. Height and sprea..

Rosa Ballerina (6lt)


Polyantha shrub rose growing to about 1m x 60cm. Mid-green leaves and large clusters of small, mildly scented single pink flowers with paler centres from late June to September. Keep regularly dead..

Rosa ballerina (Standard) (10lt)


A lovely vigorous shrub which grows up to 4ft. With large bunches of small, scented, single pink flowers throughout Summer and into Autumn. A delightful, showy shrub. ..

Rosa banksiae banksiae (5lt)


Double White Banksian Rose. A delicately scented, climbing rose with pale green leaves. Pretty double, white flowers produced in late spring. Height and spread to around 5m.   ..

Rosa Blanche Double de Coubert (rugosa) (6lt)


Rugosa rose. Beautiful, scented double white flowers throughout the summer contrast well on the heavily veined lush vibrant green rugosa leaves. Height and spread to around 1.5m x 1m.. Any soil in ..

Rosa Blue For You (6lt)


Floribunda rose. Neat bushy habit to around 1m with almost thornless stems. Clusters of semi double lilac-mauve flowers fade greyish blue with a sweet fragrance. Repeats all summer. Great for cutti..

Rosa Blue for You (Standard) (10lt)


Neat bushy habit with almost thornless stems. Semi double mauve pink flowers fade greyish blue. These are grown on 1m standards with a 40 cm head, ideal for edging paths or doorways or as a stand alon..

Rosa Blue Moon (6lt)


Hybrid Tea rose with dark green leaves and lemon scented, double, silvery lilac flowers. Dead head to ensure repeat flowering through the summer. A truly unique colour and deservedly popular being ..

Rosa Blue Moon (Climbing) (6lt)


Climbing Hybrid Tea rose. Climbing version of the ever popular Blue Moon rose. Silvery lilac flowers. Strong lemon scent.  Free Flowering. Shows up brilliantly on a black shiplapped wall. Heig..

Rosa Bonica (6lt)


Shrub Rose. Pale pink single flowers deepen to bright pink and cover the whole bush in June-July. When this first flush is over trim all the old flower heads off (hedgecutters are good for this job..

Rosa Bonica Standard


Pale pink single flowers deepen to bright pink and cover the whole bush in June-July. When this first flush is over trim all the old flower heads off (hedgecutters are good for this job) and the wh..

Rosa Burgundy Ice (6lt)


Floribunda rose with multiheaded blooms of a rich red/purple with a distinctive light scent. One of it's parents is the famous 'Iceberg' rose and the endless repeat flowering qualities are the ..

Rosa canina (bare root)


Dog Rose. A native rose of hedgerows with pale green leaves. Pretty single, white or pink, scented flowers produced in early summer followed by red hips. Fruits August-December. Vigorous, scramblin..

Rosa Carolin (1lt)


A very speical miniature rose with flame red flowers that continue throughtout Summer. Ideal for a small container! Full sun or part shade. Any well drained soil. Height & spread 30-45cm &n..

Rosa Cecile Brunner (3lt)


Polyantha rose. Clouds of double light pink flowers are produced above dark green leaves. Repeat flowers from June to August. Good for cutting. An excellent choice for the back of a border or near ..

Rosa Champagne Moment (Standard) (10lt)


Dark green, glossy leaves produced with pale creamy ivory flowers tinged apricot-yellow in the centre. Floribunda variety and was rose of the year 2006. A mild sweet scent to the flowers. Heigh..

Rosa Charles de Mills (6lt)


Gallica rose with large, opulent, strongly scented double purple flowers with crimson highlighting and healthy mid green leaves. Height and spread to around 1.5m x 1.2m. Flowers June/July. A reliab..

Rosa Charlie's Rose (6lt)


Hybrid tea rose with beautiful pink flowers with silver backs to the petals. Strong growing rose that starts to bloom in late June. Dead head as the flowers go over to encourage repeat flowers. Swe..

Rosa Claire Austin (6lt)


English Rose. Bears large, cupped, creamy white blooms with a strong fragrance of myrrh, meadowsweet and vanilla. Vigorous and particularly healthy with elegant arching growth. Good for disease res..

Rosa Climbing Cecile Brunner (6lt)


Climbing, polyantha rose. Clouds of double light pink flowers are produced above dark green leaves. Repeat flowers from June to August. Good for cutting. An excellent choice for a pergola or wall. ..

Rosa Compassion (6lt)


Climbing Hybrid Tea rose with healthy dark green leaves and scented double salmon pink flowers with an apricot tint. Repeats well through the summer. Height and spread to around 4m x 2.5m. ..

Rosa Creme de la Creme (6lt)


Modern Climbing Rose. Very free flowering all Summer. Creamy flowers with a rich centres are large, double and sweetly scented. Award winning rose from the Dublin rose trials.  Short climber t..

Rosa Crimson Showers (6lt)


Rambler. A free flowering variety with large clusters of deep crimson, small rosette shaped flowers that contrast well with the glossy green leaves. Flowers much later than most ramblers starting i..

Rosa Crown Princess Margareta (6lt)


Double soft apricot orange flowers produced above dark green leaves that repeats well through the summer. Strong fruity fragrance. Upright, arching habit with a height and spread to around 1.5m. ..

Rosa Dame Judi Dench (6lt)


English Rose. A beautiful rich apricot rose with a lovely light-medium tea scent. A vigorous grower that is particularly reliable and healthy. Height and spread to around 1.2m x 90cm.  Gorgeou..

Rosa Darcey Bussell (6lt)


Another breakthrough from the David Austin breeding camp. Beautiful deep crimson rosettes are freely produced throughout the summer on this compact rose to 3ft x 2ft. Ideal for the front of a shrub..

Rosa Deep Secret (6lt)


Hybrid Tea rose with glossy, dark green leaves and dark red buds opening to double, deep crimson red flowers that are exquisitely scented! A true romance rose.  Height and spread to 1m x 80cm...

Rosa Diamond Jubilee (6lt)


Hybrid Tea rose with beautifully formed fragrant, buff apricot flowers that are excellent for cutting. Flowers from June to September. Regular dead heading encourages repeat blooms. Any good soil i..

Rosa Double Delight (6lt)


Hybrid tea rose with mid green leaves and double creamy pink flowers with a red flush to the edges of the petals. Double Delight is debatably the best scented rose of all! Height and spread to arou..

Rosa Dublin Bay (6lt)


Modern climber. Masses of brilliant deep red slightly scented flowers. Very free flowering throughout the summer. Good soil in sun or shade. Can be grown on a north wall. Height and spread to aroun..

Rosa Easy Does It (6lt)


Multi award winning floribunda rose. Scarlet buds open to apricot peachy ruffled flowers that fade through shades of pink and have a delicious fruity fragrance. Good disease resistance. Repeats..

Rosa Edward's Rose (6lt)


Floribunda rose. Deep salmon to apricot blooms suffused in the centre with golden yellow and a light fragrance. Robust and disease resistant with a height and spread top around 90cm x 75cm. Gro..

Rosa Ena Harkness (6lt)


Climbing hybrid tea rose with mid green, glossy leaves and scented double bright crimson-red flowers. Any soil in sun or light shade. Height to around 4.5m. Good disease resistance and free floweri..

Rosa Etoile de Hollande (6lt)


Climbing hybrid tea rose with dark green leaves and strongly fragrant double crimson-red flowers. Flowers prolifically in June and again in late summer. Height to around 4-5m. Sun or part shade. An..

Rosa Excellent Cover (6lt)


Ground cover rose. Small deep yellow flowers produced in abundance throughout the summer and into the autumn. Healthy disease resistant variety with deep green glossy leaves. Height and spread to a..

Rosa Eye of the Tiger (6lt)


Modern floribunda rose with eyecatching, single to semi-double, fragrant apricot yellow flowers splashed with red at their centre and golden yellow stamens.  An unusual and beautiful rose suit..

Rosa Felicite Perpetue (6lt)


Rambling rose with red buds that open to  plump pom pom white flowers in great profusion in midsummer above dark green leaves. Great disease resistance and glossy green leaves that are almost ..

Rosa Flower Carpet Red Velvet (6lt)


Ground cover rose. Continuous trusses of velvety red flowers with golden anthers over glossy green foliage. Height 60-80cm. Spread 100-120cm. Good disease resistance. Trim back by a third in early ..

Rosa Flower Carpet White


Ground cover Rose. Continuous trusses of white flowers over glossy green foliage. Height 60-80cms, spread 100-120cms. Ideal for growing in a container on the terrace or as a ground cover. Good dise..

Rosa For Your Eyes Only (6lt)


Rose of the year 2015. Floribunda rose with single salmon pink flowers that fade to apricot with distinct red eyes in the centre. Glossy deep green leaves have good disease resistance. Hei..

Rosa Fragrant Cloud (6lt)


Hybrid tea rose. Large, well formed, coral scarlet flowers with an exceptional scent. Height and spread to around 1m x 70cm. Repeats through the summer so long as regular dead heading is carried ou..

Rosa Francis E. Lester (6lt)


Rambling rose with clusters of single white flowers with pink stained edges and dark green shiny leaves. Sweet fragrance that carries over a wide area. One of the most reliable ramblers. Flowers Ju..

Rosa Fruhlingsgold (10lt)


Shrubby rose with single to semi-double pale yellow flowers with a good scent in early summer and light green leaves. Beautiful easy to grow shrub rose that gets smothered in flowers every year. He..

Rosa gallica Versicolor (6lt)


Gallica rose. A very old variety dating back pre 16th century and still as popular as ever! Large semi-double purple/red flowers striped white in July-August. Height and spread to around 1.2m. Any ..

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