Rosa Tuscany Superb


Shrubby rose with deep crimson flowers with gold stamens and dark green leaves...

Rosa Veilchenblau (6lt)


Rambling rose with large clusters of small double violet flowers streaked white and light green leaves. Flowers have an orange scent to them. Good for growing through trees or try growing as a stan..

Rosa Wickwar (3lt)


Rambling rose. Lovely glaucous green foliage covered in single white flowers with golden stamens in early summer. Vigorous growth and vicious backward facing thorns. Height and spread to 15m x 8m u..

Rosa xanthina hugonis (6lt)


Father Hugo's Rose. A slightly fragrant shrub rose with greyish green leaves. Pretty single, pale yellow, cup shaped flowers from late spring to early summer, followed by small mahogany coloured hi..

Rosa You're the One (6lt)


Beautifully formed miniature roses in clusters throughout the summer. Flowers are mildly scented pink petalled with a white reverse. Like a miniture hybrid tea. Excellent for picking and flowers co..

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