Clematis Paul Farges (2lt)


Award winning variety with vigorous growth to 5m. Masses of pretty white flowers through summer with prominent, palest primrose stamens. Grow in sun or shade. Good for scrambling through trees, up wal..

Clematis Perle d'Azur (2lt)


Deservedly popular late flowering clematis. From mid lo late summer it has masses of azure blue flowers with creamy green centres. Height and spread to around 3m x 2m. A good companoin variety to grow..

Clematis Prince Charles (2lt)


A profusion of sky blue flowers in June and July. Keeps flowering right the way through to September. Prune hard in February-March. Any deep soil in sun or part shade. A smashing variety with a hei..

Clematis Rebecca (Evipo016) (3lt)


An absolutley stunning climber! Large bright red flowers on a backdrop of lushious green foliage. Flowers late Spring to early Summer and then again in late Summer. Can be grown in full sun or part..

Clematis recta purpurea (2lt)


Clematis recta purpurea deserves more exposure in Uk gardens. It is a superb herbaceous form with purple new leaves that grows to between 1 and 2m tall but needs staking to prevent it flopping. Mas..

Clematis remembrance (3lt)


A compact climber which produces a mass of large raspberry red flowers with contrasting yellow stamens over a long period in summer! Any well drained soil. In full sun or part shade. Height 2m &..

Clematis Rouge Cardinal (3lt)


Lots of deep velvety red flowers, with creamy white filaments and dark brown anthers, from june to august. Prune hard in early spring. Any deep soil in sun or part shade. Great for adding colour, to ..

Clematis Sweet Summer Love (3lt)


A prolific first flush of delicate reddish purple flowers is accompanied by a gorgeous scent and followed by more flowering through the summer. It can be grown in a pot and can perform well in most..

Clematis Sweetheart (2lt)


Masses of soft pink, star shaped flowers with yellow centres, above mid-green leaves from late june to the end of summer. New to our range in 2013. Ideal for walls, pergolas or arches. ..

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