This Season

Fruit and Ornamental Trees

Trees make special presents for Christmas, birthdays, anniversarys, memorials and many other occassions and give so much pleasure year after year.

This time of year is the best time to plant deciduous trees, all the way to March/April depending on the weather and when bud burst approaches.  There might not be much going on overhead, but in its dormant state all the nutrients will be in the roots and even though root growth will be slow, the tree will start to establish in the months where moisture is freely available.

We have recently taken on a fantastic range of trees from Frank Matthews; a family run business situated in Worcestershire using traditional propagation skills whilst embracing growing technologies.

The range consists of a variety of fruit trees including Malus Christmas Pippin, M. Cox, M. domestica Bramleys, M. Laura, M. Red Windsor, M. Scrumptious and the Malus Family Tree comprising three varities grown on one tree (Bramley 20, Christmas Pippin and Scrumptious), which all cross-pollinate each other).  

Other fruit trees availabe include Prunus cerasus Morello (Cherry), Prunus x persicoides Robijn (Almond), Prunus persica Rochester (Peach), Prunus armeniaca Goldcot (Apricot), Prunus domestica Victoria (Plum) and Pyrus Family Tree (Pear) consisting of the three varieities Concorde, Conference abd Comice)


We also have a fantastic range of ornamental trees from Frank Matthews, including Acer davidii George Forest, Betula utilis jacquemontii Grayswood Ghost, Cercis canadensis Ruby Falls and Forest pansy, Fagus sylvatica Dawyck Purple and Purple Fountain, Juglans regia Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, Sorbus scalaris and many more.



We have a fantastic range of beautiful trees on site at amazing prices, so please come and have a browse and ask one of our knowledgeable members of staff for advice on which type of tree best suits your requirement.  Click here to view our full range.

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