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Acer campestre (bare root 60-80cm)
Field Maple.  Excellent for hedging, or as a lovely natural tree, turning butter yellow in a..
Carpinus betulus (bare root)
Hornbeam. Elegantly shaped large tree with ribbed green leaves and a smooth, muscly trunk covered..
Cornus sanguinea (bare root)
Dogwood. A popular British native used extensively in woodlands, hedges and ornamental gardens. Y..
Corylus avellana (bare root 60-80cm)
Yellow catkins in spring followed by rounded green leaves and delicious hazelnuts in Autumn. Used..
Crataegus monogyne (bare root)
Hawthorn. A broad headed tree with mid green leaves and thorny branches. Scented white flowers fo..
Crataegus prunifolia (bare root 40-60cm)
Cockspur thorn. Clusters of large white flowers in early summer followed by round dark red fruits..
Euonymus europaeus   (bare root)
Spindle. A familiar native hedgerow shrub with green stems producing an abundance of pink and sca..
Fagus sylvatica (bare root)
British native. Wavy margined leaves open a soft apple green in spring maturing to a deeper green..
Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea (bare root)
Large, majestic, pyrimadal tree that can grow to 80ft+ (25m+) by 50ft (15m) wide. Purple young le..
Ligustrum ovalifolium (bare root)
Privet. A conical, evergreen shrub with rich green leaves. White flowers, followed by black berri..
Malus sylvestris (bare root)
Crab apple. White flowers are flushed pink and followed by small greenish yellow, flushed red app..
Mixed Native Hedging x 10 plants (bare root)
Stems of Acer campestre, Carpinus betulus, Cornus sanguinea, Corylus avellana, Crataegus monogyna..
Prunus spinosa  (bare root)
Blackthorn. Bushy habit with oval shaped leaves and bright white flowers in spring.  These a..
Rosa canina (bare root)
Dog Rose. A native rose of hedgerows with pale green leaves. Pretty single, white or pink, scente..
Viburnum lantana (bare root)
Native British shrub. The grey-green leaves turn red in autumn. Small white flowers are followed ..
Viburnum opulus (bareroot)
(GUELDER ROSE). A British native shrub with dark green foliage turning red in autumn. Flat heads ..
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