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Abutilon Kentish Belle (2lt)
Masses of large, open, pendulous, apricot yellow petalled dark centered flowers protruding from d..
Abutilon megapotanicum (3lt)
Glorious chinese lantern type flowers with red calyx and pale yellow petals in spring and sum..
Abutilon Nabob (3lt)
Huge, sumptuous deep crimson bowl shaped flowers with golden anthers all summer on this magnifice..
Alcea rosea Blacknight (spotlight series) (1lt)
Tall spikes to 1.8m holding masses of large, open, cup shaped black flowers with a white centres ..
Alcea rosea Chater's Chestnut Brown (1lt)
Chestnut brown double flowers produced on strong stems to 2.5m tall in Summer. Well drained ferti..
Alcea rosea Chater's Double Purple (1lt)
Vigorous erect perennial with double purple flowers from early to mid summer. Grow in sandy w..
Alcea rosea Chater's Double Violet (1lt)
Vigorous erect perennial with double voilet purple flowers from early to mid summer. Grow in ..
Alcea rosea Chater's Double White (1lt)
Double white flowers produced in Summer. Well drained fertile soil in full sun or light shade. ..
Alcea rosea Mars Magic (1lt)
The very first single Hollyhock in separate colours with beautiful single velvet red flowers on stem..
Alcea rosea Nigra (1lt)
Tall spikes holding large, old fashioned dark purple, almost black  hollyhock flowers from m..
Alcea rosea Polar Star (1lt)
With tall spikes of large old-fashioned single flowers in white with a yellow eye over a low moun..
Althaea officinalis (2lt)
Spires of the palest pink mallow flowers from July through the summer. The roots are used to make..
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