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Anaphalis 'Neuschnee' New Snow (3lt)
A clump-forming perennial with erect stems of lance-shaped mid-green leaves, white-woolly beneath..
Arbutus marina (10lt)
Bushy evergreen tree with lovely bark & pink flowers & red fruits in autumn. Any well dra..
Arbutus unedo Quercifolia (3lt)
A lovely form of the strawberry tree, with deeply serrated leaves, similar to oak leaves, hence i..
Arbutus unedo Rubra (10lt)
A beautiful form of the Strawberry Tree. Deep pink bell like flowers and red strawberries in ..
Arbutus x andrachnoides (3lt)
Bushy evergreen tree to around 8m. Beautiful, peeling, reddish brown bark cover the gnarled trunk..
Arctostaphyllos vancouver Jade (3lt)
Bearberry. A low arching evergreen shrub with small, bell shaped pink flowers in early summer and..
Calluna vulgaris County Wicklow (1.5lt)
Heather with double pale pink flowers on silvery green needle like foliage from August to Nov..
Calluna vulgaris Cuprea (1.5lt)
Heather with Lavender flowers in late Summer. Beautiful copper coloured foliage turning deeper in..
Calluna vulgaris Elsie Purnell (1.5lt)
Heather with pretty pale double pink flowers from August to November on gery green foliage. Any w..
Calluna vulgaris Flamingo (1.5lt)
Heather with striking bright red growth in spring and lavender flowers in summer. Any well dr..
Calluna vulgaris Gold Knight (3lt)
Heather with pale lavender flowers from August to November on bright golden foliage. Any well dra..
Calluna vulgaris J.H.Hamilton (1.5lt)
Heather with exquisite double pink flowers from August to November. Deep green nee..
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