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Alyssum spinosum Roseum (1lt)
Spiny Alpine sub shrub with silver-grey foliage. Mound forming to around 20cms. Evergreen. In spr..
Arabis alpina subsp. caucasica Rosea (9cm)
  Rock Cress. Mat-forming evergreen with loose rosettes of toothed green leaves, p..
Arabis alpina subsp. caucasica Schneehaube (9cm)
Rock Cress. Mat-forming evergreen with loose rosettes of toothed green leaves, and masses of ..
Arabis blephrophyla Red Sensation (1lt)
Alpine wall cress. Mound forming, rock plant with scented red flowers in spring. Superb in alpine..
Aubrieta Hamburger State Park (Stadtpark) (1lt)
Compact, mound forming. Deep mauve flowers are produced above grey-green leaves on this creeping ..
Aubrieta Kitte Blue (1lt)
Compact, mound forming perennial.Large blue flowers are produced above attractive mounds of green..
Aubrieta Kitte Purple (1lt)
Compact, mound forming alpine ideal for rockeries, walls, sinks or troughs. A carpet of purple fl..
Aubrieta Kitte Rose Red (1lt)
Evergreen perennial with numerous small rose flowers in spring. Grow in sandy well drained soil i..
Aurinia saxatilis Gold Ball (1lt)
Beautiful, evergreen, mat forming alpine for full sun or light shade. Grey green leaves and in Ap..
Crambe cordifolia (2lt)
Spreading, perennial with huge green leaves and thick stems holding thousands of airy white flowers ..
Erysimum Constant Cheer (1lt)
Shades of dusky orange-red flowers becoming purple March to June. Dark green narrow leaves.Height..
Hesperis matronalis (1lt)
Dark green leaves, with clusters of sweetly scented purple flowers from early spring into summer...
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