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Aeonium arboreum (9cm)
Succulent with bright yellow flowers and spoon shaped fleshy green leaves. Makes a beautiful spec..
Aeonium tabuliforme (1lt)
Unusual succulent with flat rosettes of overlapping, soft green fleshy leaves. Makes a beautiful ..
Chiastophyllum oppositifolium (1lt)
A shade loving relative to sedums oppositifolium forms a low mound of  toothed, fleshy, ovat..
Kalanchoe beharensis (2lt)
Velvet leaf. Large triangular velvet covered leaves, brown on top, silver beneath. Curious and un..
Kalanchoe fang (1lt)
Curious form of velvet leaf with fang like growths to the undersides of the leaves. Keep in good ..
Sedum album coral carpet (9cm)
A lovely carpet forming sedum suited for rockeries and green roofs in sunny well drained location..
Sedum Carl (1lt)
Compact bushy clumps of fleshy blue grey leaves that come August are topped with buns of rose pin..
Sedum Herbstfreude    syn. Autumn Joy (1lt)
A clump-forming perennial with fleshy glaucous dark green leaves. Flat clusters of star-shaped de..
Sedum Jose Aubergine (2lt)
Jose Aubergine is a recent introduction with darker leaves and a more compact habit than Matrona. It..
Sedum Joyce Henderson (1lt)
An upright form with large heads of bright pink flowers in late summer on top of stems to 80c..
Sedum matrona (1lt)
A lovely plant with fleshy dusky green leaves that mature to a dusky dark red. Thousands of s..
Sedum Munsted Red (1lt)
Purple stained stems of grey/green leaves tinted purple. Clusters of star shaped bright red flowe..
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