Customer Feedback:


"We really enjoyed the guided tour.  We learned a great deal.

Your very extensive gardens with mature and centennial trees were a lovely sight, and your skill in locating, combining and dealing with plants an inspiration.  (We also loved the lemon cake, and the chickens, both Polish and ‘snow-shoed’.)"


Just wanted to say how well stocked and good the nursery was looking yesterday. " 


Just a big thank you for the very informative walk around your grounds and gardens on Sunday afternoon.  We are both very appreciative of the information and hints on plants that you gave us.

Keep up the good work and if you have another open day in another season, please let us know by your very informative monthly newsletter that we always look forward to receiving.

Again thank you and your always helpful staff."


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Geranium maderense (10lt)
The Madeira cranesbill is the largest geranium. Huge balls of large purplish pink flowers with ma..
Clematis Doctor Ruppel (2lt)
Quantities of large rosy pink flowers with a deep carmine bar and golden stamens in early summer ..
Clematis montana Fragrant Spring (2lt)
This fragrant clematis has pink flowers and dark green leaves in late spring. It grows rapidly in..
Lychnis alpina (1lt)
Arctic Campion. Suited to a rock or gravel garden in full sun to light shade. Forms tufted mounds..
Betula pendula Spider Alley (13.5lt)
Corkscrew Silver Birch.  Lovely twisted white stems and sharply cut diamond shaped leaves on..
Nyssa sylvatica (10lt)
Black Gum, Sour Gum, Tupelo. A broadly conical tree with glossy, dark green leaves that turn oran..
Ostrya carpinifolia (13.5lt)
Hop Hornbeam tree. An upright tree when young broadening with age to become a rounded tree. Dark ..
Spiraea x vanhoutei (3lt)
Compact and bushy shrub with clusters of white flowers and arching stems covered in dark green le..
Nandina domestica Richmond (3lt)
A select form of Chinese sacred bamboo. Bamboo like growth topped with elegant green leaves with ..
Cotoneaster Exburiensis (13.5lt)
A bushy shrub or a graceful arching small tree. A spectacular display of white flowers i..
Citrus x limon Meyer (2lt)
Small tree with glossy dark green leaves all year round and small, scented white flowers. A super..
Cordyline Red Star (5lt)
Dark leaved cabbage palm with a large dense mass of long sword shaped deep burgundy red leaves. S..
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