Customer Feedback:


"We really enjoyed the guided tour.  We learned a great deal.

Your very extensive gardens with mature and centennial trees were a lovely sight, and your skill in locating, combining and dealing with plants an inspiration.  (We also loved the lemon cake, and the chickens, both Polish and ‘snow-shoed’.)"


Just wanted to say how well stocked and good the nursery was looking yesterday. " 


Just a big thank you for the very informative walk around your grounds and gardens on Sunday afternoon.  We are both very appreciative of the information and hints on plants that you gave us.

Keep up the good work and if you have another open day in another season, please let us know by your very informative monthly newsletter that we always look forward to receiving.

Again thank you and your always helpful staff."


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Rosa banksiae lutea (6lt)
Yellow Banksian Rose. A delicately scented, climbing rose with pale green leaves. Pretty double, ..
Cedrus libani Sargentii 1/2 standard (25lt)
Weeping Cedar of Lebanon. An unusual and elegant weeping shrub with pointed grey-green leaves. Th..
Aronia x prunifolia Brilliant (18lt)
Grows to become an open deciduous bush with starry white flowers in spring followed by large purp..
Wisteria brachybotrys Okayama (3lt)
Very long, elegant panicles of deep violet flowers in April and May. Vigorous climber that can gr..
Eucryphia lucida Spring Glow (3lt)
Beautiful silver variegated evergreen leaves with scented cup shaped flowers in summer. Any neutr..
Eucryphia x intermedia Rostrevor (3lt)
An upright shrub with leathery, with dark green leaves. Pretty cup-shaped white flowers with ..
Berberis trigona Orange King (3lt)
Linear dark glossy green leaves, with stunning bright orange flowers in spring. Height upto 10ft ..
Akebia trifoliata (3lt)
Twining climber. Three leaved chocolate vine. Purple flowers are followed by blue/purple seed pod..
Clematis Miss Bateman (2lt)
Large white flowers are produced with a green bar produced above rounded green leaves in may-sept..
Clematis montana Freda (2lt)
Bright chery pink flowers are produced above mid-green leaves flushed purple in May and June...
Vitis Brant (3lt)
Grape Vine. A woody climber with deep green leaves turning to crimson-orange, bronze-red in autum..
Vitis coignetiae (2lt)
Grape Vine, Vine. A woody climber with large heart-shaped dark green leaves, turning bright red i..
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