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Syringa vulgaris Primrose (7lt)
Lilac. A spreading shrub or small tree with clusters of fragrant, single, pale creamy yellow flow..
Prunus Amanogawa (12lt)
Narrow tree. Semi double pale pink flowers open above yellowy bronze leaves. Good autumn colour. ..
Fagus sylvatica Dawyck Gold (12lt)
Golden fastigiate beech. Soft yellow leaves emerge in spring which gradually fade to a lime green..
Alnus glutinosa Imperialis (12lt)
Cut leafed alder. Deeply and finely cut foliage. Can be pollarded to control height and grow more..
Ilex aquifolium Silver Queen (35lt)
Male silver variegated holly. An evergreen shrub with spiny, white margined, dark green leave..
Ilex x altaclarensis Golden King (35lt)
Female form, bearing red berries in winter. Striking golden edged variegated leaves. Slow growing..
Prunus domestica Cambridge Gage - St. Julien 'A' (17.5lt)
A dessert plum with small, greenish yellow fruits with a red flush Ripening in late August and ea..
Prunus insititia Farleigh Damson (17.5lt)
Self fertile tree with heavy crops of large delicious blue/black damson fruits in September. ..
Malus tschonoskii (13.5lt)
Erect tree with white flowers flushed pink followed by small red/yellow fruits. The glossy green ..
Leucanthemum x superbum Ice Star (3lt)
Bright, double white flowers stand tall above lush green foliage from late spring through summer...
Cotinus coggygria Royal Purple (5lt)
Deep purple velvety leaves all summer that turn colour to give a fiery display reds and oranges i..
Prunus laurocerasus (6lt)
Cherry Laurel. Large glossy green ovate leaves. A bushy form, excellent for hedging. Good in sun ..
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