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Arachnoides aristata Variegata (1lt)
Beautiful waxy deep green fronds with a pale central stripe. This is an excellent and unusual fer..
Gaultheria procumbens Pink Pearl (1lt)
Evergreen low growing groundcover to about 0.5m that has masses of small white tinged pink flower..
Corylus avellana Cosford (35lt)
Cosford cob nuts are particularly sweet flavored nuts and a great choice for a mixed nut walk as ..
Frangula alnus  (100-120cm bare root)
Alder buckthorn. Bushy shrub suited to wetlands and boggy sites. Clusters of small creamy green f..
Runner Bean Painted Lady (approx 50 seeds)
Possibly the most beautiful of all runner beans and with one of the best flavoured beans! This ol..
Onion Stuttgart Giant (50 set packs)
A superb flavoured onion that is easy to grow with good sized bulbs. Plant in rows 10cm apart and..
Onion Shallot Red Sun (400gm pack)
Probably the best red skinned shallot available that is easy to grow too! Plant in rows 10cm apar..
Onion shallot Golden Gourmet (400gm packs)
One of the best flavoured golden Shallots that is easy to grow. Plant in rows 10cm apart and abou..
Onion Red Baron (50 sets per bag)
A superb flavoured red onion that is easy to grow. Plant in rows 10cm apart and about 2cm deep in..
Potato Ratte (2.5kg)
Salad potato. Delicious yellow skinned nutty flavoured gourmet salad potato. Crops from mid June ..
Potato Swift (2.5kg)
First early potato. Perhaps the fastest cropping potato on the market. Crops of delicious early n..
Potato Premiere (2.5kg)
First Early Potato. Excellent disease resistance and a good flavour.  It is a creamy coloure..
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