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Abelia x grandiflora Kaleidoscope (3lt)
Bright, gold and green variegated leaves in spring and summer that take on fabulous red and orang..
Callistemon citrinus Splendens (3lt)
Brilliant scarlet bottlebrush flowers in midsummer. Eventual height and spread to around 4m x 3m...
Callistemon citrinus White Anzac (3lt)
Bears bottlebrushes of white flowers sometimes tinged pink when mature. Neutral to acid well drai..
Callistemon linearis (3lt)
Narrow-leafed bottlebrush. Native to temperate eastern australia this plant needs shelter from fr..
Callistemon Red Clusters (3lt)
A great profusion of red bottle brush flowers in July/ Aug. A plant for a warm dry sunny spot. He..
Ceanothus x delileanus Gloire de Versailles (3lt)
Panicles of soft powder blue fragrant flowers in summer. Sun. Shelter. Height and spread of aroun..
Cotoneaster procumbens Queen of Carpets (3lt)
Dark green leaves and white flowers. Lovely ground cover,in sun or part shade. Height and spread ..
Elaeagnus pungens Hosuba-fukurin (3lt)
Evergreen shrub with narrow dark green leaves edged creamy white. Small fragrant white flowers in..
Toona sinensis flamingo (3lt)
Chinese mahogany. A beautiful deciduous often multistemmed tree/shrub with narrow pointed lea..
Spiraea japonica White Gold (3lt)
Mounded shrub with a maximum height and spread to 1m. Golden yellow leaves are a perfect foil to ..
Spiraea Arguta (3lt)
Bridal Wreath'. A profusion of white flowers on the slender arching stems in April/May. Height an..
Skimmia japonica Foremanii (hermaphridite) (3lt)
Shiny mid green leaves are complimented by scented white flowers in spring. Clusters of bright re..
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