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Robinia pseudoacacia Bessoniana (77lt)
Dark green lobed leaves that cast a wonderful dappled shade and turn yellow in autumn. Clusters o..
Agastache Blue Fortune (1lt)
An excellent choice for a well drained sunny border. Aromatic foliage to this upright perennial a..
Rosa x odorata Mutabilis (3lt)
China tea rose with copper-yellow flowers turning pink then red above dark green leaves. A pretty..
Rhodochiton atrosanguineus (2lt)
Purple bell vine. Black to reddish purple tubular shaped flowers dangle seductively from reddish ..
Potentilla fruticosa Primrose Beauty (3lt)
Saucer shaped primrose yellow flowers for months on end through the summer are off set well again..
Parthenocissus henryana (3lt)
Chinese Virginia Creeper. A climber with dark green leaves attractively veined white and sometime..
Petroselinum crispum Giant Italian (Flat Leafed Parsley) (1lt)
Flat leaved parsley. A popular parsley variety with particularly large flat leaves making it easy..
Lavandula angustifolia Vera (1lt)
Scented pale purple flowers from July to September. Silver foliage. 3ft+. Well drained soil in su..
Rosmarinus officinalis Blue Lagoon (0.8lt)
Strongly scented needle like leaves. Upright growth that trails at the sides as it matures. D..
Nepeta cataria (0.8lt)
True Catnep. Adored by cats and bees alike. Scented toothed green leaves with pinkish wh..
Ocimum basilicum Thai Siam Queen (9cm)
Thai basil. Deliciously scented leaves that are an essential ingredient in Thai cooking with ..
Lavandula Silver Sands (0.8lt)
Silver Sands is a variety with linear, silvery-grey-green leaves and spikes of dark purple flower..
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