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Rosa Crown Princess Margareta (6lt)
English Rose. Pretty and large, many petalled apricot orange flowers are neatly arranged on this ..
Rosa Princess Alexandra of Kent (6lt)
English Rose. Large beautifully full-petalled  and deeply cupped bright pink flowers are wel..
Rosa Susan William-Ellis (6lt)
English Rose. Amongst the first varieties to flower and continues to flower in flushes till the f..
Rosa A Shropshire Lad (6lt)
English rose. Flowers perfectly formed cup shaped and light peach pink in colour with a delicious..
Wisteria frutescens Amethyst Falls (10lt)
Ideal for growing in containers and flowers from a very young age unlike miost other wisterias. M..
Valeriana officinalis (1.5lt)
True valerian. Upright growing plant for the spring bearing clusters of tiny pink star-like flowe..
Satureja montana (1.5lt)
Winter savory. A hardy, evergreen culinary herb with pale purple or white flowers in summer. ..
Salvia elegans Golden Delicious (3lt)
Mealy Cup Sage. Masses of beautiful deep, midnight blue flowers spikes on upright stems repeat th..
Robinia pseudoacacia Bessoniana (17.5lt)
Dark green lobed leaves that cast a wonderful dappled shade and turn yellow in autumn. Clusters o..
Robinia pseudoacacia (17.5lt)
Dark green lobed leaves on this fast growing tree with a height and spread to around 25m x 15m. C..
Rhaphiolepis x delacourii Coates' Crimson (5lt)
A dome-shaped, evergreen shrub with leathery, dark green leaves. Pretty star-shaped dark pink flo..
Prostanthera ovalifolia Variegata (3lt)
Variegated australian mint bush. Grows to around 1.5m with aromatic foliage. In late spring a..
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