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Helianthemum Ben More
Mat forming evergreen perennial with saucer shaped bright orange flowers late spring and summer. ..
Helianthemum Fairy (1lt)
Pale creamy flowers in succession throughout the summer. Height 6ins (15cms). An excellent spread..
Helianthemum Henfield Brilliant (1lt)
A profusion brick red flowers from May-June. Height to 6ins (15cms).   Superb evergreen grou..
Helianthemum Mrs.C.W. Earle (Fireball)
Double pom-pom like scarlet flowers in May/June repeat sporadically through the summer. Height 6-..
Helianthemum Raspberry Ripple
Very useful evergreen ground cover plant for sunny well drained sites. Dark greyish green leaves ..
Helianthemum The Bride (1lt)
Spreading. Grey leaves with pure white flowers. Superb evergreen ground cover. Prolific flowers i..
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