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Actinidia deliciosa Jenny (3lt)
Kiwi fruit. Jenny is a self fertile kiwi fruit best grown on a sheltered sunny wall. Train into an e..
Citrus sinensis Tarocco Rosso (35lt)
Blood Orange. Beautifully scented blossum followed by juicy, succulent red fleshed oranges. Feed ..
Citrus x limon Variegata (20lt)
Small tree with glossy glaucous green and cream variegated leaves all year round and small, scent..
Corylus avellana Aurea (7.5lt)
GOLDEN LEAVED HAZEL. Yellow catkins in Feb. Height to 10ft. Any moist soil in sun. Protect from w..
Corylus avellana contorta (7.5lt)
CORKSCREW HAZEL. Yellow catkins in Feb. Height to 3-5m. Twisted branches. Excellent for flower ar..
Corylus avellana Cosford (35lt)
Cosford cob nuts are particularly sweet flavored nuts and a great choice for a mixed nut walk as ..
Corylus avellana Red Majestic (7.5lt)
A beautiful form of twisted hazel with sumptuous red crinkly leaves, that has something to offer ..
Corylus maxima Halle'sche Riesennuss (7.5lt)
The excellent flavour of this variety is consistent. It is a large growing hazel with good regula..
Corylus maxima Webb's Prize Cobb (7.5lt)
Upright, bushy shrub with yellow catkins in late winter/early spring. Height and spread 5x4m. A h..
Cydonia oblonga Meech's Prolific - Quince A (Half Standard)(13.5lt)
Popular Quince variety with both ornamental and edible qualities. Rounded tree with dark green le..
Cydonia oblonga Portugal (13.5lt)
Common Quince. A rounded tree with dark green leaves, downy grey beneath. Pale pink to white flow..
Ficus carica Brown Turkey (3lt)
Large lobed leaves on this hardy fig tree. Flowers develop inside the fruits. Restrict the roots ..
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