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Allium barszczewskii Beau Regard (2lt)
Tall stem holding round compact, globe shaped clusters of light purple pink flowers. Height 80cm,..
Allium Globemaster                                                                      (2lt)
Spectacular globe heads of aster violet.  Excellent foliage which, unlike other alliums, rem..
Allium hookeri Zorami (0.8lt)
A rare form of chives collected from Mizoram India. Beautiful drumstick white flowers are held on..
Allium hookeri Zorami (1lt)
A rare form of chives collected from Mizoram India. Beautiful drumstick white flowers are held on..
Allium Mont Blanc (2lt)
Tall stem with large heads of creamy white flowers and long strap like leaves in May-June. Height..
Allium Purple Rain (1lt)
Large, star like purple flowers produced on tall stems after green leaves have died away. Superb ..
Allium schubertii (1lt)
Umbels of star-shaped pale purple flowers up to 30cm across like a giant star burst. Bright green..
Allium sphaerocephalon (1lt)
Beloved by bees! Tall deep red-purple, egg shaped flower heads in July and August. One of the las..
Amarine Belladiva (2lt)
Amarines are crosses between Amaryllis and Nerine. Belladiva has the hardiness of a Nerine with a..
Amarine Belladiva Tomoko (2lt)
This is a hardy autumn bulb with large, impressive deep pink to red flowers on red stained st..
Bletilla striata Albostriata (1lt)
Chinese ground orchid. Strap like green leaves with thin white margins. Magenta pink orchid flowers ..
Chionodoxa forbesii Blue Giant (1lt)
Large open blue flowers with white centres in April/May.  Height 20cm, spread 20cm. Sun or p..
Colchicum autumnale Alboplenum (1lt)
A rare and sought after form of Colchicum with double white flowers in autumn. Lance shaped leave..
Colchicum autumnale Album (1.5lt)
The beautiful white form of Colchicum with white, cup shaped flowers followed in September-Octobe..
Erythronium Pagoda (3 x bulbs)
Spring flowering bulb with clear yellow flowers and a brown ring around the central anthers are b..
Iris hollandica Gypsy Beauty (10 x bulbs)
Exquisite flowers of lavander standards with gold and purple falls in May and June held on tall s..
Lilium candidum (2lt)
Madonna lily. A beautiful lily with sweetly scented, trumpet-shaped pure white flowers on tall st..
Lilium candidum (3lt)
Madonna lily. A beautiful lily with sweetly scented, trumpet-shaped pure white flowers on tall st..
Lilium Dizzy (5lt)
A stunning and beautifully scented lily. Open, oriental white lily flowers with a deep crimson st..
Lilium formosanum Pricei (2lt)
Heavily scented white trumpet flowers with purple/red stripes to the backs of the petals in s..
Lilium martagon (2lt)
Common Turkscap Lily. A beautiful lily with nodding turkscap flowers of pale pink with purple spo..
Mixed bulb planter 5 (70lt)
Standard Ilex aquifolium J.C.Van Tol surrounded by white Hyacinthus carniege and red Tulipa Pinochio..
Muscari armeniacum Dark Eyes (1lt)
Grape hyacinth. Rich blue flowers appear in spring, forming fluffy spikes. Lower flowers are edge..
Narcissus bulbocodium conspicuus (1lt)
'Hoop Petitcoat daffodil'. A beautiful and unusual looking species daffodil with funnel shaped ye..
Narcissus Cheerfulness (4lt)
A very pretty award winning multi headed variety. Small well scented and proportioned soft creamy..
Narcissus Hawera (2lt)
Gorgeous soft yellow flowers with slightly twisted and reflexed petals to this dwarf daffodil..
Narcissus Jack Snipe (2lt)
Cyclamineus type daffodil with white outer petals and a yellow central cup. The flower petals ref..
Narcissus Minnow 2lt
Creamy petals and soft, flat pale yellow cups with a delicious scent. Perfect for pots or pla..
Narcissus pseudonarcissus (1lt)
Wild Daffodil. A pretty, British native early spring flowering bulb with yellow trumpets and narr..
Narcissus Segovia (2lt)
A charming small cupped daffodil with unusual apricot coloured flowers and an orange cup. Height ..
Narcissus Silver Chimes (4lt)
Beautifully scented, multi headed sliver white flowers with short pale yellow cups in April. ..
Narcissus Tete-a-tete (2lt)
Clusters of up three deep golden-yellow flowers with slightly reflexed petals and deep yellow cup..
Narcissus W.P.Milner (2lt)
W.P.Milner is an old fashioned and deservedly popular creamy coloured daffodil suitable for n..
Nerine bowdenii Bianca Perla (2lt)
The best of the white varieties with crinkly white lily-like flowers from September through to No..
Nerine Companion Mr John (2lt)
Stunning displays of deep magenta pink crinkly flowers from September through to November on leaf..
Nerine Elegance (1lt)
This is a red flowered Nerine!! Best planted at the foot of a sunny wall as a group and left to e..
Nerine Ostara (1lt)
Very pale pink flowers in Autumn to about 50cm. Best planted at the foot of a sunny wall. Best when ..
Nerine Pink Triumph (1lt)
Strap like green foliage through summer. In Autumn sturdy stems to 50cm tall hold beautiful frilly e..
Scilla peruviana (2lt)
Dome shaped flower heads to around 20cm appear around mid May and last for a full 6-8 weeks. Hund..
Tulbaghia violacea (1lt)
Clump forming with greyish green leaves and scented lilac flowers in summer. Excellent for underp..
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